Where Is Columbia Par Car Cart Serial Number VIN Located Also MEGA NEV EAGLE SUMMIT

Columbia par car serial number VIN

Columbia Par Car Serial Numbers and Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) are located in various locations depending on the model of Columbia you have. Check the list below to find your VIN in the following locations.

These VIN numbers can be hard to see and even get to in some cases so bring a rag to wipe of the VIN tag and also bring a flashlight to see better.

MEGA – Glove Box, under steering wheel cover, kick panel, front dash panel

EAGLE – under steering wheel cover, passenger side upper foot rest area, driver side glove box

SUMMIT SUV – Under steering wheel cover, on vehicle nameplate, in driver side glove box

NEV – Under steering wheel cover, headlight cover ledge, top of front body, on nameplate

OLDER VEHICLES – stamped on left rear frame above axle

More info on Columbia ParCar can be found on their corporate site here.

If you don’t see the Columbia ParCar Serial Numbers or Vehicle Identification Numbers in these locations a few others can be found behind the batteries in the battery bank structure.

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