How To Store Your Club Car Electric Golf Cart For The Winter Safely

Winterize Club Car golf cart

If you are storing your Club Car Electric golf cart for the Winter or a long period of time here are a few steps to take. These will help ensure your Club Car will be ready to good when you pull it out in the spring.

1. Get a full charge on your batteries

2. Clean off any corrosion around the battery terminals and top with a mixture of baking soda and water (or Battery Cleaner Spray), then rinse gently as to not get acid splashed around. Let the terminals dry and coat them with battery terminal spray.

3. Store cart in a cool, dry area. This will reduce discharging of the batteries.

4. Adjust tire pressure to 18 psi.

5. Grease suspension parts and do all yearly lubrication.

6. Give the body, seats, battery compartment, and underside of golf cart a good cleaning.

7. Leave the parking brake off. Place tire blocks around to prevent the cart from moving.

8. Batteries should be kept fully charged during long storage down times.
If you trust your PowerDrive System 48 and PowerDrive Plus charger you can leave it plugged in but I suggest using a high quality surge protector to protect the charger and cart from lighting. If you are not comfortable with that make sure you charge the batteries at least once a month if possible.

9. If you can’t charge the golf car that often it is best to disconnect the batteries to limit their discharging rate.

10. If you don’t have a shed or garage to store your cart please consider a Club Car Cover.

If you do these few thing before you put your Club Car away for the winter it will make it much easier to get your cart going in the spring. Happy carting!!