Should I always keep my golf cart charged or wait until battery is low

how to clean golf cart batteries

Keeping your golf cart charged correctly makes a big difference in how long your batteries will last whether you own a E-Z-Go, Club Car or Yamaha cart.

To answer the question in the title above the short answer is yes, please keep charged. You should never allow the batteries to become discharged for long amounts of time. Once a battery becomes discharged, lead sulfate begins to form and bond, clogging up the spongy pores in the lead plates. When left discharged long enough, it will ruin the golf carts batteries. Plus, if your cart is kept in a colder climate, having the batteries charged will help to prevent freezing of acid mix. A completely topped off battery will not freeze unless the air temperature reaches a low of 45 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

Try to keep your batteries clean and free of build up around terminals to make it easier on your golf cart’s charger and batteries. Try using a battery cleaner and battery treatment to prevent corrosion and possible rusting of your cart’s frame and parts.