EZGo RXV Controller Stopped Working – Possible Cheap Fix And Repair So Not To Replace

EZGO RXV fix controller

Are you having issues with your E-Z-Go RXV’s controller? Is your golf cart only working sometimes and cutting out on occasions. This may help fix your RXV for free or with little cost.

On rare occasions small components on your EZGO’s controller board can come loose and short out or slowly burn up from the poor connection causing it to spark back and forth between the two loosely connected parts. The problem can often be solved by just tightening down the loose part to the controller board. This may save you from having to buy a new $1000 EZGo RXV controller.

Be very careful when removing the cover off of your golf cart controller as to not damage any internal parts. Be sure to disconnect the battery cables for the controller before you start as not to short out any parts.

Look around the inside of the controller for parts that may have worked loose and fallen off. After that look on the board surface for blackened and burnt marks that will stand out from the other colors you see. Then go through and hand touch the larger pieces and feel for shaky and moveable parts on the board. Tighten loose items if possible.

For reference an EZGO RXV made on 2012 or older it has a Danaher built controller. If your cart was built 2012.5 or newer it has a Curtis made controller on board. This may help if you need to order parts. EZGO RXV Replacement Parts Here