Pilates For Golf Info And Reviews – Help With Back Pain


Pilates for golf is a program that is designed to help you hit the golf ball straighter and farther. This program for golf teaches you how to do this while you reduce the risk of injury and back pain.

Pilates For Golf will build flexibility and strength at the same time, while also increasing stability in the hip and shoulder girdles. You will also be improving your body alignment, and improve your balance, which will all improve your golf game.

You will quickly notice improved rotation, which results in higher club head speed. Pilates For Golf is more than just an exercise program
, Pilates for Golf actually retrains your body to execute all the movement needed for a successful golf game, and doing it with ease.

If you are golfing, lifting your golf bag, riding in the golf cart, watching golf on TV, or just sitting at your computer, searching “golf”, these techniques on the Pilates For Golf DVD will affect everything you do in your daily life.

With the Pilates For Golf DVD, you will learn to work from your “core”, which is the central, abs, hips, back, muscles, making your game better, but also making you look and feel better too.

This DVD features male golfers who demonstrate some important modifications for the beginners.

This Pilates for Golf program was founded by Sarah Christensen, who is the founder of the national Pilates for Golf. She has worked with golf conditioning specialists, physical therapists, and Pilates trainers, all to develop a program that has been tested by noted teaching professionals, professional and amateur golfers, providing the very best Pilates For Golf program for you.