My EZGO Marathon Golf Cart Goes Faster In Reverse Than Forward

EZGO Marathon old
Does your golf cart now go faster in reverse than in forward. If you have an older EZGO Marathon and have recently changed your F&R switch you probably have it wired wrong.

The EZGO Marathon was made in the years 1979 – 1994. How to identify if you own a Marathon. They have two separate seat backs. A plastic front bumper. No handles on the carts roof top. Your model and serial numbers can be found on the metal plate located under the passenger side glove compartment.

All you need to do is swap the leads on the F&R switch. The ones in the 3 and 9 o’clock position. You have them backwards. You can also swap the S1 and S2 cables on the golf cart’s motor and get the same results.

Nothing worse that having a slow golf cart and not knowing why. I hope this helps someone out. You can find parts and accesories for your EZGO Marathon here on the cheap.