Golfer Has Testicle Removed After Shot Goes Bad

Golf Carts Myrtle Beach (SN) – Local golfer has a bad round of golf turn into a nightmare after ball ricochets off of tree and strikes him in his groin.

Fifty two year old avid golfer Rick Clark of Surfside Beach S.C. was out with his regular foursome Monday afternoon. All went well on the front nine of his Prestwick Golf Course round. Part of the way into the back nine is where his troubles began.

Clark hit off to the left in a small bunch of trees on Prestwick’s par 3 16th hole. In an attempt to punch the ball out and across a stream Clark hit a tree. His futile try at avoiding the ricocheting white bullet left him lying on the ground with a twisted knee and a swollen left testicle. With help from his group Clark played out the next two holes then hit the club house for a drink.

While on his way to the local K & W Cafeteria Clark said he realized that his swollen testicle had grown to nearly three times it’s normal size. After his discovery Mr. Clack made a detour to the Grand Strand Regional Medical Center for a Doctor’s opinion on his growing problem. There it was discover that he had received a testicular rupture that was so severe that his testicle could not be saved and was removed.

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