Basic EZGO Golf Cart Problems And How To Fix


Electric E-Z-Go Golf Carts are becoming more popular every day and have become the main source of transportation for many people. At times, your golf cart may seem to have a mind of its own and will cause you problems with either a lack of power or sometimes the complete opposite–it seems to want to drive even when you don’t. A number of sticky issues may be resolved with a bit of investigation.

Step 1
Troubleshoot a sticky accelerator by turning the engine on and listening for a small clicking sound. If your golf cart is running without you pushing on the accelerator, the solenoid may be sticking into an on position. The clicking noise should only occur once the accelerator is pressed. This is a common problem with E-Z-Go golf carts and can cause overheating. Have the solenoid replaced by a qualified mechanic.
Step 2
Notice if you are losing power when you drive up inclines. If so, you may need to replace or tighten a battery cable connection. Examine the wiper speed switch for burned-out contacts. Replace any old, frayed or singed connections.
Step 3
Check your tire pressure to be sure it is at the proper level. E-Z-Go electric carts with low tire pressure will experience an increased load on the batteries which will slow you down and decrease the distance you can drive before recharging. Inflate tires to 18 to 22 PSI.
Step 4
Test your battery, if you notice slowing, to see if it has a proper charge. Most batteries last five years, but some may be good for twice that long it properly maintained. If the battery is still good, examine the water level–if it is too low it can make the cart lose power. Fill with distilled water to cover the battery plates up to 1/4 inch below the fill tube.
Step 5
Check the heavy wiring in the engine if you are experiencing melting of your wires or cables. Examine any loose connections and tighten them. Clean off any corrosion on your battery cables or end wires as this can also cause resistance and heat buildup.

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  1. I have a late 80’s about 89 EZ Go Gas Golf Cart. We use it at the lake only. Had it for 3 summers – literally very little maintence issues. I’ve changed the plug twice, air filter twice, all new factory tires and its run literally flawless.

    Today my daughter was driving it at the lake and it started to just slow down and just died. The headlights will come on very bright so I don’t think its the battery. It will not turn over or attempt to engage the motor when I step on the gas pedal.

    My first gut instinct tells me I have a bad coil or Key switch where the key goes in. When I put the gear selector in Reverse – I don’t hear the safety alert tone, but again the lights will come on very bright.


    Bruno: I have never owned a gas cart so I can’t help with this one. If someone else has any idea please comment on their problem.

  2. I have a E-Z Go golf cart year 1990 2 clyle that is getting extreely hot. What could be causing this problem?

  3. My EZGO cart motor turns but the wheels dont turn, and there is a sound like something is not connected under the rear wheels.

  4. Easy Go Electric
    What causes the high pitch whine noise when I press on the go pedal?
    Is it an easy fix?

  5. what wrong with ezgo went you start riding and its smells like something is real hot

  6. Hello,

    I’m posting a problem that I am currently having with my late 90’s electric ezgo. The problem I’m experiencing is that a after running the cart for a few minutes it starts to lose power and makes a clicking sound. Once you stop rolling the if you press the accelerate the motor clicking continues and the cart doesn’t move. If you put it in reverse the cart will run fine. It almost feel like the gears are slipping. Any thoughts? Thanks

  7. I have a 2005 ez-go cart now it’s a 36 volt system and all the batteries are charged but when I turn it on i here it click when I put it inforward and reverse but it will not go when I put it in forward It tries to go like sputtering but won’t go what do you think the problem is.

  8. at the side of the motor is a fan that cools off the engine when it is running take a air nozzle and blow out any dirt in the fan shoud , and check to see if your muffler isn’t plugged, some times mice like to make there nest in the muffler

  9. I have a 2006 ez go electric cart. When going forward, I press the pedal and it drives slow. If I push the switch to reverse and then back to forward, it will take off and drive at full speed. Once I stop again and restart it drives slow again, until I put it in reverse and back to forward.
    Any ideas???

  10. Help, We have a cart from the early ’90s and we brought it out for the spring and it worked fine for 50 ft. and stoped and made a clicking noise and will not go forward or backwards. Batteries are charged. What is wrong…the motor or what!

  11. i have a 95 ez-go golf cart that wont go foward or back word n the batteries test 37 volts could it be a cylinoid or what else could it be

  12. I have a gas utility with dump bed, and 16hp Briggs Vangard engine. It won’t die when I want stop or shift gears, I have been turning switch off to shift to reverse. This being unsafe and unhandy, I would like to remedy this. Is it electrical or linkage problem? I have replaced the the shift cable because I had forced it shift and it broke.

  13. I have an ez-go golf cart, it started running slow going forward. I replaced the battery cables and cleaned the battery post. The cart will take off at a good speed then slow down, runs just fine backwards. What else does the cart need.

  14. I have an ez go golf cart and having problems like the people up above. I was riding my golf cart fine yesterday, then when i went to load it up on the trailer, i got it half way up the lift gate and it stopped working, making a clicking noise, smelled like something was burning underneath. I cleaned the battery cables, tightened connections, and still no movement – just the clicking noise. Any suggestions?

    Bruno: Common problems for that are, bad solenoid, controller burnt or cables to the motor loose. If anyone else can help pleases chime in.

  15. Unstable steering. Everything runs fine except the steering seems to be so loose, any bump and it swerves right or left. Very hard to control.
    Checked all ball joints and linkages, no looseness but at the steering box, the bushing appears to have some play, could not tighten any more (1 1/4 inch socket), seems to be as tight as it can get.
    Considered getting a stabalizer shock abosorber, but cannot find one to fit or where to attach on the mechanism.

    Any help from any mechanics out there will be appreciated.


  16. batteries are charged:: turn on key no power no headlights, break lights no power to the battery indacatore fuses are good !!!! what the heck?????

  17. I recently picked up a 1967 EZ Go Classic. Today I found one of the coils red hot (red as in color). What could cause this? I have had issues with the batteries and know the top charge on the system is 45v and it discharges to 40v over night.

  18. charger will not ingage, could problem be cart issue or just charger,(if charger) how do I check it.

  19. We have a ez go golf cart with a lift kit. Everything drives fine except for when there are more then two people in it. When there is more then two the cart will be driving fine and them all of a sudden no juice. You have to sit there for a minute and the turn the key back on and good to go. Again with two people never a problem any ideas any help would be awesome

    Bruno: Possibly loose cable connection being stressed when the extra weight is on the cart. check the connections at the motor first.

  20. I just installed 6 new batteries in my ez go and runs fine, although when i put it on the charger the gauge on the charger got to to the top and the wire gets hot? Also the charger throws the breaker?

    Bruno: may be lose battery connection or short. Go back and check all one by one.

  21. My EZ GO golf cart has a similar problem to others. It runs for about 10-15 seconds before simply dying and then only makes a clicking sound. The battery is charged so that is not the problem. Then if you let the cart sit for awhile (1-2 hours) and return to it, you can drive it for another 10-15 seconds before it dies again. When it’s dead is only makes a small clicking sound. My cart is a 1991 and two stroke gas-oil engine. Anyone know what this could be?

  22. Noticed 2 to 3 months ago that my cart is losing power after 18 holes on flat terrain( 2 seater carrying 2 guys 120 kg)
    Charged 12.95 before round and reads 12.55 after round.
    dont notice any hot wiring.
    after charge to about 13.5 v it floats at 13 v till in use again.
    Also the battery meter in the dash shows full 36 v even when losing power,a while back the cart went strong and after 27 holes charge meter dropped maybe 2 lights. Now it shows fully charged but cart very slow and weak after 18 holes
    Cart is ez go 36 v, forward reverse in dash next to volt gauge with switch on box under seat, Im charging them with clamps ( not using the charge plug on driver side ( left knee) .
    only thing that ever happened is i always disconnect my terminals after use , and on day forgot to put switch in off position and when connecting last cable it made a spark like touching 2 jumper cables ( just mentioning it ).
    O and cart never really driven fast and mainly used on a sonday.
    When pressing accell. pedal you hear a click and when releasing you hear it ( solenoid )

    I mentioned as much as i can.If possible can you give me any advice( the J2 connector is connected at the 1st and last pin and th two centre ones cut off) bought cart like that.

  23. I changed out the F/R Contact plate and now my cart is half the speed and will not go up a hill – yes the batteries are charged —- HELP

  24. We have an electric E Z GO golf cart. We just put brand new batteries in it. the golf cart will go forward however goes forward in the reverse position also. We have the dashboard forward, neutral, reverse controller.

  25. I have a 2006 TXT the is a clicking when the pedal is pressed and it does not go, i am getting power from the batteries and the charger will not start charge, I am putting the cart back together after a body repaint what can it be?

  26. I just recently bought a used ez go golf cart. it was working fine untile a couple of days later I noticed it would slow down then the gas pedal would shake and skip. it feels like it skips. any advice.

  27. I have a early 90s ezgo gas 2 cycle with new carberator and it has ran great , now it acts like it is out of gas you have to pull out the chock to get it to run at all, I have checked the gas line, replaced filters and removed carb and cleaned it. To no aval. Help

  28. My older two stroke golf cart. I believes that the oiler is bad not sure how do I check that properly it dribbles out of tube is that good? Also if bad what is the ratio to mix my gas so I don’t burn my motor up or fail the plug.
    thanks mike

  29. I have an 04 ezgo cart. Just installed new batteries and a 60amp fuse. Charged cart fully. Drove out of the garage and nailed it to climb a slight incline to see if the new batteries made a difference. The cart traveled a few feet and died. Checked the batteries, 37.6 volts total, checked the 60amp fuse and it was blown. Any ideas what happened? Have had no problems until now.

  30. I was changing rims on my 1996 gas ezgo cant get 2 lug nut off both nut and stud turn how do i get wheel off

  31. ezgo electric golf cart has set up 2/3 months ran fine when parked now will not move forward or reverse batteries have been charged to full charge

  32. i have an EZGO approx. 1986 year…..was running fine. Backed out the garage this morning and put in forward ……..would not respond..checked all connection; batteries and other general checks……..
    Can hear the solenoid and microswithces kick in when depressing petal but now engagement forward or backwards……..any suggestions…..

  33. I have a 2000 TXT electric EzGo that is charged, the new battery cables are tight, but it slowed way down at first. I stopped and then pushed on the pedal and it went fine for a block and then it really quit. Now it does nothing when I turn the key on and try to go forward or reverse. Ideas?

  34. I have a 2008 EZGO RXV (48 volt) with positive track and engine brake, when I push the accelerator slowly and turn the steering wheel it jerks and pops, if you accelerate faster it does not jerk and pop. Can anyone help me with this problem?

  35. I have a 2009 EZGO RXV 48volt cart. When you are moving there is a sound from the rear wheels that sounds like rubber squeaking. It gets worse when you turn the steering wheel. Can anyone help?

  36. I have a 2009 rxv and when i hit a bump the engine shuts off and the brake applies by it self. I turn the key off and it seems to reset itself. This does not happen all the time but happens about two or three times a round. Hope you can help.

  37. I have a 90 something ezgo put new battiers and cables. It is very slow up a hill or load, is there a solenoid or switch that could be bad.

  38. I have a 2002 ezgo electric cart.sometimes not all the time you will be driving along and the cart stop(like the hill brake is going on).I can be going along and as soon as it does it you let go of the pedal and push it goes again

  39. have an EZ go cart electric. It will run forward then stop but will go in reverse.When it does this it goes at top speed in reverse. Changed some parts the black box but did that did not help. I know it is not suppose to run at top speed in reverse but it does any help please

  40. My E-Z Go golf cart is a 1995. I have new batteries 36 volt. It will not move when I press the pedal. This model is electric not gas. I can hear it clicking at the solenoid. I had this problem before when I first purchased it used, It would run and stop, then run again. It soon stop doing that & it ran well without stopping for a few months. Now it has started again.

  41. I have e-z-go cart when i turn key on i here solinoid click on (yes i changed it and its still did it)when i press pedal it will click again 6 red lights blink in control box HELP PLEASE

  42. Have a 2004 EZ-go cart that will not fully charge the battery pack. Charger will show proper charge level for almost hour then drop off to tickle or no charge. Battery pack only provides sufficient power for about 13 holes and then begins to die.
    Changed to brand new batteries, still problem persists?????

    Bruno: Test with someone else’s charger. You can also bypass the computer board on your charger and just leave it on charge for 8hrs and if the cart goes a full 18 holes with charge left it is the charger computer board on charger that is problem.

  43. I have a ezgo carryall gas golfcart. it has began to pour smoke from rear. What can I check to repair this problem.

    Bruno: From the exhaust or rear differential ?

  44. I have a 1995 EZ-GO cart (Electric)
    recently my cart will not go in to gear. forward or backwards.
    It has brand new batteries, and wires.
    any thoughts or suggestions as to what the problem is ?

    thanks in advance

    Bruno: Check if solenoid clicks when pedal is pressed. If not solenoid is bad.
    Check the F/R switch for continuity at contacts, any loose wires or studs, evidence of heat?

  45. i have a early 90’s electric ez go golf cart and at times it will not move forward or back wait a few mins and then it will go but when it does when get it above half throttle it just dies what could the problem be and how do i check for it

  46. I have a 96 E=Z go electric golf card. My cart is taking a full charge, but when I try to accelerate the cart only crawls. Any ideas?

  47. I have a Eez go GOLF CART that sets low on right side they say its normal eany sugestions

  48. I have an ezgo electric golf cart it will run for days without a problem and then all of a sudden when I am playing golf I will stop it to hit a ball and when I go to start it the thing will not go. I lift the seat and beat on the silenoid or what ever that little silver thing is and it will take off and go like crazy. I would like to know what makes this happen. Should I change the silver thing I,m beating.


    Bruno: Your cart has a 4 year electrical warranty and they should fix the cart for you no matter what. When you start trying to work on your electrics yourself you run the risk of damaging your controller which is a very expensive fix. EZGO will not cover electrical problems after you have be working on them yourself.

    Now that you know the risk if you want to proceed with caution it more than likely is an electrical problem. Could be a speed sensor issue since you mostly have the problem of road. Try all switch connections for something just a bit loose.

    The best place to start is have the dealer run a diagnostics test on the controller and that may tell you right away in the results and save you searching.

  50. We have a 1992 electric ezgo. Have replaced ignition switch, solenoid, controller and all 6 batteries. We are at a complete loss. Any ideas what we should check next. My husband is about ready to push it over a cliff. HELP!!!

  51. I pressed the accelerator with the parking brake engaged. Now it doesn’t move. The brake isn’t stuck, but when i press the accelerator pedal, it clicks a lot and doesn’t move. And i smell burned rubber.

  52. I have a 1999 EZGO Electric Golf cart. It won’t go forward or reverse. With key turned on, when I press the accelerator, I hear one click from the solenoid, but only one. No sound, no movement in either direction. Does this older cart have a ‘controller’? Is there a fuse that can be checked? Any ideas? Where do I start?

    I drove the cart and one hour later I tried to move the cart. I could not move the lever below seat to the reverse position. It would not move in either direction. I was able to spray the mechanism with WD-40 and with a slight movement from a wrench, the lever again moved as before. When in the reverse position, I hear the warning sound. The headlights and radio work fine. But now I don’t have any movement forward or reverse. As mentioned above, all I hear is a click when I press on the accelerator. Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  53. My 2007 elec TXT will only move a few feet in reverse before giving out, no problem with forward.

  54. 84 ezgo runs good no hills wont hardly make steep hills any suggestions thank you

  55. I have a 1991 EZGO golf cart that was working fine until the other day. I was going forward ,stopped and went in reverse stopped and put it in forward again and all it would do is jerk and not move. when you step on the accelerator it has a jerking motion and will not move in forward or reverse. if you step on the accelerator just a little it will move very slow.

  56. I have a 2003 gas ezgo when driving. It will run fine at high speed but if you try to go slow the trottle is all or none what would cause this issue

  57. I have a 2003 EZ-GO Gas Cart. It ran fine the night before but the next morning it acted as if there was no battery. The battery tests fine. There was no sound coming from the solenoid so I replaced it. Still nothing. I have checked the micro switch for the gas pedal and I have check the ignition where the key is inserted and they seem to work fine. The light also does not work on the cart. Any ideas?

  58. Peaks Island,Maine: Hi, I have a 4 stroke, 1997 ez-go that runs fine, but bucks a lot at low speeds. Air filter looks clean, changed gas a couple of times, and plugs are not very old. Any thoughts, please???

  59. I have a 2005 EZ-GO golf cart. when I press the pedal to go forward or backward it will not go, but sounds like a spinning sound in rear. What could this be ? Thanks

  60. Where to Buy a Used Flywheel – EZ-Model 1989 – Gas? Can you help us?
    Thank you.

    Bruno: Best to check your local repair shops as most sell salvaged parts. If not your best luck is to look here.

  61. 1995 ez go batteries get hot charger does not shut off after charging for a long time. tried charger on another car and it worked fine shutting off when batteries charged.

  62. I have a 1997 gas powered e z go workhorse and cannot get a spark at the plugs I put another coil on which I know is good and still no spark. I am trying to find out were the wires go from a box (bb1130) (oh23) kouksan denki company the wires are black on the top the next one down is red with a white stripe the next one down is white and the lower one is orange with a white stripe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  63. I have a ezgo electric 2009 36 it will not move motor sounds like it’s running but won’t move it will chatter and try I have checked hubs axles even took differential apart and found nothing wrong batteries are only one year old all seems fine I took motor off was a little Dusty but all looked good and no smell I’m lost looking for help

  64. I have an electric ez go. The battery is fully charged but it will not move forwards or reverse.

  65. hi I have a 97 electric ezgo txt batteries are good and have a full charge when you turn the key on nothing happens you don’t here anything at all even when you step on accelerator pedal or put it in forward or reverse does not matter nothing happens.It acts like its not getting any juice like the batteries are dead but I checked the batteries and they are good what can be the problem please help I have experience on electric stuff I am some what familiar with controller I use to work for hyster fork lift for 15 years any help would be appreciated thank you

  66. My golf cart is fully charged, but when you drive it for a few minutes it goes dead. Then let it sit for a while and its ready to go again. Then it starts all over again.

  67. 2007 ezgo gas cart. Howling sound at low rpm does not do this when higher Rpms replaced all belts, back clutch, Generator even refurbished engine
    What could possibly be the problem?

    Bruno: The starter belt comes to mind as they are very common to make this noise. The starter belt should be VERY tight.

  68. I have a 2001 EZgo with one year old batteries. Occasionally, I’m driving along and the cart sort of stops. It will do exactly the same thing if I turn the key off while driving. I just release the accelerator and then depress it again and away I go. It just lasts for a couple of seconds but is frustrating. Is this a symptom of a bad solenoid, or……………? Thank you.

    Bruno: I have seen this happen when a controller goes bad – See here – Check for lose battery connections and slight burning smell.

  69. There is no burning smell. I checked the site you recommended and it shows the symptom of a bad controller is loss of torque or loss of speed. The torque and speed are fine. It just dies for a fraction of a second and then off it goes again. Hoping it’s something less expensive like a bad solenoid?

    Bruno: The micro switch at the foot pedal make the solenoid close. If you want to see if unit will run, put a jumper across the solenoid and see if it will run. Then chase down the loss of power, probably the micro switch for the foot pedal, located under the drivers mat in a metal box.

  70. I have an EZ-GO electrical golf cart (36 volts) that will start off very slow and will not change in to the higher gear and will just run out of juice. I can back up on an incline and get a start down hill and it will change. I replaced all batteries and still have the same problem. I cleaned and tightened all battery connections and cables.

    Bruno: Have someone test the controller. They tend to cause those symptoms when they start to go bad. Read this post to get an idea.

  71. I have an ezgo electric golfcart. it was working fine the other week but i try to go ride it the other day and it wasn’t working right. When i would press the pedal to go forward or backwards it would go; but the moment I let go of the gas pedal it immediately stops. What could be wrong with it? We only got it 2 years ago and we only ride it around are nieghborhood.

    Bruno: Would need more info. Could be bad bearings in motor or wheel. Possible brake stuck. Cart would have enough torque to move cart but would come to a quick stop when pedal not pushed down.

  72. electric ezgo approximately 8 years old; stopped moving more than 1 -2 inches in forward or reverse altho trying to move; replaced solenoid and control box; continued to do do same thing; put on jacks and rear passenger wheel moves in forward for 30 seconds then stops while driver wheel does not move; in reverse, driver wheel does not move while passenger wheel does; if it is something involving the motor or anything connected to rear wheels, how do I repair or replace???

    Bruno: Start by checking all electrical connections completely to see where current ends.

  73. I have a 36 volt 1991 ez go textron. Sometimes the golf cart runs great. Other times I will be driving and it just looses power. After I roll to a stop I press the pedal and the solenoid closes but nothing happens. After a few minutes of turning the key on and off and pressing the pedal it starts going again. They batteries are charged and i havent found any loose connections. Any idea where I should start troubleshooting it? Any advice will help thank you.

    Bruno: Test the solenoid to make sure. If you are just going by sound what you might hear as a click is coming from your forward/reverse switch. Next check the forward/reverse switch to make sure you are getting good contact there.

  74. I have a 2008 EZGO 48 Volt Golf Cart. The wheels are locked and the maintenance tow switch doesn’t seem to work. I can’t move it. The batteries are charged. However when I engage the forward switch I hear a click but when pressing the peddle it won’t go. I then turn the switch to Reverse and hear a click and the buzzer goes off but when pressing the accelerator it still wont’ go.

  75. I was driven my ezgo textron forward and my nephew change gear with out stop the car.motor runs fine but it Doest move

  76. I have a 1992 ezgo 2 stroke gas cart. The fuel pump went bad, I replaced it with a new pump it run aprox 40 feet and stopped running. It cranks over fine. I ordered another fuel pump put it on drove about 8 blocks running great, parked it to open garage door when I got back on it all it would do is crank over. Put it in reverse and it runs just fine. Put back in forward it runs till it drains carb of gas then stops. RFeverse again an runs great. What could be causing this problem?? Thanks

  77. The cart cranks over just fine in forward jt not pumping fuel to the carb in forward switch to revers it pumps fuel ok and runs.

  78. 2002 ez go txt was running fine then it smelled hot and I had to keep choking it to get it running an then stop period. so replace fuel pump and still won’t run unless I put gas in carb and then runs as long as the gas is in carb.. what else should I look for

  79. I have a 1994 electric ez-go it runs fine most of the time but once in a while it will stop while we are driving it’s like someone jammed on the brakes jolting us forward only happens for a second then works fine again. Any thoughts on what it could be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Bruno: It sounds like a defective key switch or solenoid.

  80. I have a 2000. 36 volt E-Go batteries less that n year old that shows 37.6 volts but the meter on the dash only shows 1/2 charged showed in the yellow. tested wires going into the meter that show 37.6 volts.
    Any ideas What’s going on I’m afraid to go very far on it with it showing that way !

    Bruno: When the needle is pointing to “F” it should be about 38.2V (100% SoC) and about 36.3V (50% SoC) when it is pointing to “E”. One of your batteries may have a bad cell. Test each individually.

  81. I have a late 90 36volt ezgo. It’s charged up an I drive it about 50 ft an it just looses power unroll it just stood any help

  82. I have a 1980 ezgo gas golf cart 2 stroke I replaced the seals around the crank and clutch and it won’t run unless I use starter fuild and spay it in the carb just wondering what’s wrong? Any sugestions please and thank you

  83. I have ez electric 36/ran good yesterday today wont go have full charge changed couple of bad wires micro switch sounds like it should when in reverse /but will got go foreward or reverse WHAT IS THE PROBLEM????thanks johnt.

  84. Wondering if anyone can help me out with this one.

    We have a 1997 EZGO with new batteries. When we are driving up a hill or sometimes on the softer grass, the cart will start to have a continuous clicking noise almost as if something is slipping.
    It’s more obvious when there is added weight in the cart. It has always run great up until now. Any thoughts as to what this could be or what I can check ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Bruno: Sounds like the rear hub my be starting to slip. See this post. How To Replace A Stripped Golf Cart Hub When Rear Wheels Are Slipping Video

  85. Hi, I have a 1988 EZGO Textron gas where the brakes apply very hard when I reach a certain speed. I’ve set the throttle governor, but this still happens and is really annoying because it doesn’t happen at dangerous speeds. How can I set the speed of what I’m guessing is a safety feature to a higher speed or disconnect it?

    Bruno: These engines have a rev limiter which will cut the ignition off and on around 4300 rpm. The engine will sputter at higher speeds. The governor is located on top of the rear axle housing, on some models there will be a protection plate above it. You need to set the governor so the engines speed is under the rev limiter. It will take some adjusting to get this just right. The threaded rod that runs through the spring has a bigger nut and a locking nut which is wire tied on factory carts to hold it in place. These will need to be tightened up till the desired speed is reached.

  86. LOUD whining noice when accelerating forward. Very high pitch that is extremely annoying. 2009 Ezgo. What can be done to reduce whining?

    Bruno: Where is it coming from? Did it just start all of a sudden? Many EZGO rear Diffs get very loud. Sometimes changing oil helps.

  87. my 2003 gas golf cart will run fine for two to three holes then the motor will turn over but it takes 3 to 4 minutes go again. Can you help with a solution. Thanks Daniel

  88. my ezgo switches to reverse suddenly while driving forward…or will only go into reverse or only forward..what would cause that? new batteries, rebuilt controller

    Bruno: which cart? Is is a PDS or not and what year?

  89. My mid 90’s cart eventually stopped the clicking sound when pressing the accelerator. I had the issue before but it stopped when I cleaned the terminals. Now, no such luck. Any ideas?

  90. My 1991 gas ezgo cart is very hard to steer. When I get up speed or go down hill the front wheels wobble severallyl. Got any ideas before I tear into it?

    Bruno: Usually bad wheel bearing or belt broke inside tire.

  91. My elec ez-go clicks when pedal is pushed but will not run, battery’s are good, motor runs when jumped but cart won’t run. It worked when put away sat for a couple months in garage tried to use nothing I checked water level in battery’s and charged still nothing.I need help.

  92. 2010 ez go rxv- after sitting for a period of time it won’t go forward or reverse until after you mess with it by turning it off and on…

  93. Have a ezgo cart 1999 battery are charged and step on pedal the solenoid will click but it won’t go have checked and cleaned all wires

  94. Electric cart with all new batteries. Age mid 90.
    Just stops intermittently, electrician had 3 weeks trying to solve problem. Can you share any suggestions please.

  95. I have a 2002 Ezgo TXT golf cart with 36 volt system. Just replaced all batteries and they are fully charged. Makes the click sound when pedal is pressed and alarms when put in reverse but won’t go when in forward or reverse. It tries to go like sputtering/rocking but won’t. What do you think the problem is?

  96. 2001 TXT with PDS EZGo.
    Been having issue with batteries for a while, finally got cash together to purchase whole set. During the period that the batteries were going bad my wife had issues with the cart NOT going into reverse. Sometimes the solenoid would click sometimes it wouldn’t. Seem to always click in the forward position. However when switched into the reverse position is it’s very random wheather reverse will latch in..
    Fresh set of batteries. Have read your post on conditioning batteries. Thanks for the heads up. However, the problem is still there with the reverse issue.
    It isn’t any better it isn’t any worse. However when it does click into reverse it is very solid now due to the new batteries. What would be my first second and third diagnostic check defined the problem.
    Any intellectual help is appreciated before I get my hands dirty this weekend.
    Best regards a cart friend in Florida

  97. We just purchased a used Ezgo Electric cart. It ran fine for a few days but has started, for want if a better description, hopping (jerking) in both forward and reverse. Any ideas?

  98. I have an electric golf cart and today I put in another Trojan battery. I was only able to drive it about a half a mile before it started jerking and then cut off. The jerking felt like it was running out of gas, but the cart is electric. I had to pull it hard with my 4 wheeler. Please help me any thoughts or suggestions ASAP. Thanks and God bless you

  99. My batteries fully charged. When i turn key on my battery charge indicator is blinking and at the bottom of the scale. New cables,check tightening. Voltage is 37.5 after charging. I have 36 volt system and batteries 3 years old. Cart will drive just fine just keep seeing the blinking low battery on indicator. This didnt happen until i brought out of storage for first time.

  100. I have a 1994 ezgo gas golf cart it has no power when it is climbing an incline

    Bruno: If the RPMs stay the same the cause is usually the drive belt slipping.

  101. Have a 87 ez go elec. cart when I step on pedal to move the solenoid clicks but goes no where.Have replaced solenoid and all battery cables,cleaned all contacts, could the micro switch be bad?any help appreciated.

  102. have a 2009 ez go rxv. Today had a bad burning smell like electric smell coming from under the seat. Made it home but now does not run.

    Bruno: Usually a bad connection. Cables get loose and cause a lot of heat which melts lead posts and burns through wires. Start with checking all your battery connections then trace back to motor and controller.

  103. I have a 1999 EZ Go Electric Golf cart with new batteries…one year old. It just stopped today on the golf course. It will not move…shows has 3/4 of the battery. Nothing happens when I press the accelerator pedal…either in reverse or forward. No click can be heard when pressing the accelerator pedal. Any Ideas?
    Would appreciate any help.

    Bruno: look for loose cables. Check micro switches. Have controller tested.

  104. trying to help a neighbor…batts seem fully charged…tested my charger with theirs and got the same results…lights work, turn on key , putin forward or reverse and you get a click but no movement…Ideas????

  105. ezgo electric txt cart and the rear driver side squeaks when you let off the pedal and stops when you push the pedal to go. I have replaced the brakes, tires. bearings everything we can think of and it did not stop the squeaking. Any idea?

    Bruno: Sometimes the splines on the rear axle and the wheel hub get worn to the point they slip and cause a squeaking noise when not under load.

  106. I have a 1993 ezgo electric cart it was fine when I put the new battery’ and then it quit it will not move at all battery’s are new

  107. I have a 2009 Ez-Go RXV. With the batteries partially or fully charged, while being driven, it will loose complete power with battery meter going to zero. Stopping the cart and turning the ignition switch to off and back on, the cart returns to full power. What is the problem.

  108. I have a ez go electric cart. When going forward, I press the pedal and it drives slow. If I push the switch to reverse and then back to forward, it will take off and drive at full speed. Once I stop again and restart it drives slow again, until I put it in reverse and back to forward.

  109. I have an electric EZ GO cart that suddenly stops running when the accelerator pedal is floored after stopping for a brief moment. All batteries and connections are fine. After putting it in reverse then back in forward and pushing it , it’ll start going again. Any suggestions?

  110. HI, I’m working on a friends 2002 ezgo txt and he said the f & r controller made a noise like electrical popping or buzzing, it moved a little, stopped made the noise again and just quit moving and now the solenoid just snaps/clicks real loud,it has all new batteries. any help will be greatly appreciated thanks JOE

    Bruno: if it is a series or fleet cart the F&R contacts can wear a little, causing intermittent lose of power, all you need to do is tighten up the center post of the switch. If you are lucky that is it.

  111. Thanks Bruno,do you mean the post that the F & R linkage is connected to?A new switch will work for sure??? thanks JOE

    Bruno: tighten the pivot bolt. Make sure you check all the wires between battery connections also. With the electrical works it could be anything from loose connections to fried components. A loose F-R switch is just the most common problem you described.

  112. I have a 2002 ezgo electric 36 volt with the f&r switch on dash. I have installed new speed control and new controller. also new selonoid and f&r switch. every thing is tight. the problem the cart will slow down when accelerator is on floor and will not pull hills. if you pump accelerator several times it will speed up or go on up the hill. once it takes off it does good till you let off accelerator and then it does it again.

    Bruno: That sounds more like and issue with the controller not reading the pedal response correctly. That is the most I could tell you without being there. If anybody else has a better idea please chime in.

  113. 2005 EZ Go Textron. Starts out sluggest on the street but will get up to speed. My problem is that it won’t hardly run on St.Agustine grass or go up a small incline.

    Bruno: Many causes. Batteries at the end of life. Poor connection in battery loop. Motor brushes are worn out.

  114. I have a 2001 EZGO TXT Gas 4-stroke. When you drive it a long ways and shut it off, it will not crank over until it cools down for a few minutes. Battery is good, tried forward and reverse. Leave it set for 3-5 minutes then it will crank right up and go again.

    Bruno: 90% of the time the Coil needs replaced.

  115. 2007 easy go gas it surges when you barely mash the gas pedal. Won’t go slow. Takes off really fast

  116. Have a 2010 electric E Z Go TXT golf cart. 36 volts. Installed new batteries, runs great but lights do not work. Cannot find anything wrong.

  117. I have a 2010 ezgo electric cart that after it sits sometime it will not operate in forward or reverse.I had it put in diagnostic mode and the beeps indicated it was the solenoid.I replaced it a week ago and it did just fine until today.When I tried to run it the same thing happened,would not run in forward or reverse.Any suggestions ?

  118. Ok. well to make this simple. I put the key in the switch and turn it on it gets power. Just when when I push the pedal I hear a click but the cart does not move. i It is a E-Z-Go Golf Cart.
    How can I fix this problem?

    Bruno: If the solenoid always clicks when you press the throttle, you can rule out all of the switches (reed switch, FNR microswitch, key switch, throttle switch), and the connectors – both spade and molex.
    Most common issues are the the throttle ITS, Loose battery cable or to motor, spade connectors inside the throttle box that could be bad, and there is a 4 wire molex plug, located between the FNR and the controller. If it is a series cart the F&R contacts can wear, tighten up the center post of the switch a little. The worst case is the controller has gone bad.

  119. I have a 2012 EZgo RXV freedom gas model. When I hit the gas it sometimes takes 2 or 3 times for the engine to engage 9 2 or 3 times per round) I have replaced the pedal switch (612889) several times….any ideas?

  120. Hi sorry, not trying to hijack this thread but I am at my whits end. I have a 96 Ezgo gas cart. Engine runs great but yesterday someone was driving it and it came back broken. Engine still runs but will not move. Jacked up rear wheels, clutches doing what they are suppoes to do. It seems the fwd/rev shift is moving as needed. When I manually turn either rear wheel the oposite doesn’t turn. Any suggestion gladly accepted. I want to try to fix this myself cause way to far for a shop to come or me to transport. Thanks, Rick

    Bruno: It sound like the splines on the rear axle hub are striped out. It is hard to give a better guess than that without more info.

  121. I have a 2011 EZGO RXV, while driving the cart will instantly stop and will not move, even though the throttle is still pushed down! Also the battery meter goes to Zero. By turning the key off and then on, the cart will then go again. I have replaced the motor brake and solenoid. Any suggestions?

    Bruno: I had the same issue with a 2010 RXV. I replaced the key switch set and it fixed mine. That is the first place I would check. Mine was corroded very bad and could not be cleaned well.

  122. Thank you Bruno!

    I replaced the key switch set and it still has the issue although now it is more intermittent …

    Any other ideas?

    Bruno: Sorry that did not solve your issue. If that change caused the cart to get a little better you have a wiring issue somewhere down the line. Trace all your cables running to and from the key. Test all cable with a volt meter.

  123. Thank you, I will do that!

    Bruno: No problem. Good luck, electrical problems are so tough to fix sometimes.

  124. I have a 2000 ezgo electric golf cart with new batteries and cables. It will run fine about 2 to 3 holes then the motor has a vibration and will not run at full speed. If you let up the foot pedal the vibration stops and it runs fine push it back down and the vibration starts again. Where do I start? Controller, Speed sensor, motor?

  125. 2002 ezgo electric 36v cart new batteries full charge works great about 1/2 hr of riding around campground at LOW speed 5mph or under start to go up hill cart dies put cart in reverse back up 10-15 feet try to go up hill 1/2 pedal goes about 5 ft and dies, reverse again 10-15 ft pedal to floor cart flies up hill no loss of power actually went 1/4 mile 40% grade no slowing down . this has happened few times where cart will stop in low speed but will climb at fast speed …what could cause this ? is there a fix ? I was thinking possible motor brushes
    thank you

  126. I have a 2009 RXV Freedom. I have never had a problem with the cart until i accidentally left it unplugged for approx 3 months. When i attempted to charge up the batteries, the charger flashed red 2 times paused and repeated continuously. I charged up the batteries numerous times but still was unable to run the golf cart. I checked the batteries with a volt meter after charging all the batteries again. Initially i checked the batteries together (reading over 40 volts) and over 13 volts when checking each battery separately. I rechecked about 2 hours later and the volt meter had no reading when checking all together. Separately, 3 read at 13 volts 10 volts for the fourth. Could there be another problem other than the batteries? Thank you, Ron

    Bruno: possible short draining battery. All batteries need to be tested individually under load to check for bad battery. Try charging each battery one at a time with car charger. Most likely a bad battery or more.

  127. 2012 Ezgo Rxv electric 48v – Just upgraded to 350amp controller, 400amp solenoid, and installed custom key set same time. A week prior also applied brakes hard on steep hill and smelled a one off burning. Issue 1 – 3 times after upgrades was going down hills applied brakes suddenly/hard and cart loses all power. Key will reset cart, but zero acceleration and brakes still locked. Wait 5 to 7 minutes then her random click. Ready to go again. Issue 2 – Erattic speed and torque. Some days just flying and new controller amazing, but most days feel like brakes not fully releasing or too much regen action when accelerator all the way down. Occasional hissing from rear as accelerating too. Cart really never takes off fast downhill anymore at beginning like it did.

    Bruno: Test your cart with the regenerative braking turned off if you have upgraded the controller. You may have a short somewhere down the line. It may be causing your controller make crazy changes on the fly.

  128. Bruno great advice. Will try soon. Thinking of also going back to standard key switch direct from ezgo. Could unique after market key switch just installed be a small part of equation?

    Bruno: The switch change should not cause an issue except if you have a sporadic short somewhere in that wiring.

  129. Bruno, Thank you for the advice. I’m bringing the cart in to have a flip rear seat installed. They are going to check my battery issue. If it is a single battery that is causing the problem, do you recommend replacing all 4 batteries or just the one with the problem? Thank you, Ron

    Bruno: If the other batteries still have plenty of life left just replace the one.

  130. Not had tech out to turn regen off yet. Narrowed down issue. Same decent hill we go down where major issues occur. At bottom regen always comes on heavy and did not use as much mechanical brake. Then within a block was gassing today after hill the cart lost power for 7 minutes and slight burn smell from back. No hard braking this time. Think it’s an over heat scenario happening and controller shutting us down to cool. Thoughts? Can Regen action be adjusted? Still have occasional regen feeling at times where it should fully release so it sometimes prevents top speeds. This cart was modified as 6 seater too.

  131. One more note. Upgraded controller and solenoid. Heat Situation happening after going down steep hills. Reading that maybe I need a heavy duty F&R switch too??? When cart dies you can turn key on and off and power meter looks normal, but can’t go. Just don’t get that “click” when turn it on for like 7 minutes after resting which sound always means we are back on the road. New Heavy Duty F&R switch to prevent excessive heat?

  132. Bruno I did some further testing. The regen Braking on steeper hills appears to contribute to a thermal shutdown scenario of the controller until things cool for 7 minutes. I felt around and the hottest part in cart is the resistor assembly that is connected to the controller by two wires. This resistor is the original 2012 part and looks old. Also it is connected by smaller than 4 gage wires to controller. Maybe replace resistor? Need better cables for resistor to connect to the controller now that it is 350amp?

    Bruno: 4 gauge is large enough for 350amp but if they are smaller there, say 2 gauge on the rest, it will cause more heat there. Would be the cheaped place to start. I can’t help anymore unless I could be there.

  133. Hello, I am new to this site and really enjoy the articles and comments. Really helps people learn and solve problems. Thanks to all of you.
    The batteries in my cart have started draining very quickly. We will start with the info known and detailed events up to this point.
    2005 EZGO TXT 36V purchased 9/16/15 by wife from a relative, US 2000 Batteries (1A63D code), No voltage gauge or meter, All cells in all batteries had no water above the plates. Charger is an EZGO – Powerwise “QE”.
    Filled batteries up to proper level and charged overnight. Took off down the road and seemed okay. With no gauge had to walk home, go back and bring the cart home. Purchased an multi LED gauge and installed it. Wonderful device. Could travel over 25 miles (at about ½ throttle speed) and still have two green LED’s before the yellow and red ones. The cart is always on the charger when not being used. Typically can travel 15 miles and drop only two LEDs on the gauge.
    Noticed the battery box had some corrosion on it, June 2016, and decided to clean it up. Took the batteries out without marking locations, should not matter. Cleaned the frame work, repainted, then coated with two heavy coatings of liquid rubber. Installed the batteries, installed NEW battery cables, charged overnight, then took off down the road. Went about a mile and noticed it had dropped one LED on the gauge. Another 3 miles suddenly dropped another two LEDs. Decide to head home and investigate why. Turned around and about a mile from the house the yellow and red leds started flashing alternately.
    Barely made it up the slight grade to the house. Checked the water level, OK, started charging. Next day, charger says full charge, checked water, OK, went for a ride and the same thing happened.
    Went to computer and found forum and started reading. One article said to remove and clean each terminal and cable, so did that. Took off again and it was a repeat of the prior bad experience.
    Back to forum, found comment about testing each battery cell, purchased a tester, and using volt meter found this:

    1125 1265 1250 System 38.1 after o/n charge (9/16)
    1275 1250 1255
    1240 1200 1265
    6.2V 6.3V 6.3V

    1265 1255 1240
    1275 1240 1240
    1260 1265 1250
    6.4V 6.4V 6.3V
    Front of cart

    1150 1265 1265 System 38.4V
    1270 1265 1275
    1270 1250 1265
    6.3 6.2 6.4

    1300 1270 1265
    1300 1270 1260
    1300 1270 1260
    6.5 6.4 6.3

    Went for a 3mi ride and system is 37.9V
    Went on 5mi ride and back on charger. Four hours later charger indicated full. Unplugged for 1min then plugged in again, started charging again.

    Next morning it showed a full charge. Unplugged for 1min then plugged in again, started charging. Two hours later, full charge. Repeated again. Full charge indicated and will check specific gravity.

    1150 1270 1280 38.6V system
    1250 1275 1265
    1270 1250 1275
    6.3v 6.3v 6.3v

    1280 1260 1265
    1290 1260 1265
    1280 1260 1265
    6.5v 6.5v 6.4v

    Went on a 11mi ride at ¾ throttle. After 1mi it dropped one LED on the gauge. Pulling into the garage the gauge had dropped a total of 2 LEDs. But it did not have much pep. When fully charged it will raise the front end and quickly take off. After the ride it just takes off. System measured 36.8v before placing on charger.
    Is my charger bad? Why does it improve performance when recharged several times prior to use?

    Thanks for the help, Tony

  134. ezgo electric cart , solinoid clicks in forward and reverse,moves a little in reverse. full voltage at both sides of solinoid . changed soininoid. no change. will creep slow in reverse. Batteries are fully charged.

  135. 2012 RXV
    I’ll just be driving along and the brakes will randomly lock up. I’ll turn the key off and back on and it will work just fine.

    I replaced solenoid, brake, and key switch. Problem still occurs.

    The previous owner had the governor altered and the cart goes really fast.

    Please Help!!! thanks in advance

  136. I have a 2004 ST 4×4. If I idle it up where it runs good, I can not shift forward/reverse. Does the governor arm on the transfer case have anything to do with this? Or do I need to change the spring in the driven clutch? Other then this problem it runs great.

  137. We have a 1999 Ezgo electric cart. No matter what the charge level, when you start off slowly it jumps violently in forward and reverse and continues to do so until you accelerate. At full speed, it runs like it always has. Do you have any ideas on how we can solve this issue. This cart is primarily used by my 100 year old father-in-law. We are concerned for his safety and have substituted another cart until we can get his repaired. Thanks in advance for your help.

  138. I have a 1992 TXT Ezgo electric 36 volt cart – it charges fully but after going about 100 yards it starts losing power fast and voltage also. And slowing down to a stop. Any answers wold help.

    Bruno: Usually a bad cell in a battery. Test each battery individually for low voltage. Do a full charge on the whole battery pack. Wait at least (12 hours) then test. 38.22 volts is a full charge. Each by them self should be 6.37 volts. Any battery below 6.2 is almost done. Any one 6.12 or worse are bad.

  139. Hello My 2006 ezgo 36v cart will only do 18 holes of golf. It always did at least 2 rounds or more. 6new interstate batteries and have done load test on them, They are good. I tried a friends charger and it was the same results. What should I check now? Thanks Dale

    Bruno: Do your new batteries have a lower Ah rating? Are your brakes dragging? A bad wheel bearing. Loose or shorting battery cable?

  140. Have and ezgo 07 – 08 36 volt golf cart drive along and it just goes from fine to barely going every time you take take your foot off the excellerator and put it back on it goes slower and had batts. Check and all ok changed all batt cables where do I go from here ?

  141. I have a 2009 EZ-GO RXV. Won’t move. Replaced the batteries and also the solenoid. Cart lurches in reverse when key is turned on. Cart beeps regardless of key position. R, On or F. Removed electric brake. No change.

  142. I have a 1998 club car electric golf cart, when I go in reverse, it takes off full speed back. In forward, it will accelerate normally, as I depress the accelerator. Any idea as to what the problem is. Thanks in advance.

  143. I have a 2004 EZ GO Electric Golf Cart, that is not doing very good. Reverse is not a problem, but when put in forward a hard jerk then it will go…or not at all. Put back in reverse, then back to forward, again a hard jerk, then may go fine or not at all.

    Can anyone suggest something we might be able to do to fix this?

  144. 05 ezgo , hurricane Matthew flooded my garage, upgraded the following, 4.45 hp motor, 400 amp controller, 2 Awg cables, HD Solenoid w/ 3 amp diode… it’s running again but doesn’t have the expected power, any ideas? Thanks

  145. I have a 1999 Ez Go textron cart. One day you will turn key switch and everything goes fine. Next day nothing. On the good days you here the solenoid click and green light on the panel the solenoid is connected to comes on. Today turn key switch and battery light comes on but solenoid does not click and green light does come on. Have changed Solenoid and sane things happen

  146. I have a 1984 EZ-go electric cart I had 2 wites fall off 1 small and 1 a little larger . It did move right a long but now wont move at all. Im trying to find a wiring diagram so I can find these,wires and fix the problem. The diagram I found does not show these wires. Please help

  147. I have 1996 ezgo electric txt installed a 36v meter. hooked it up turned the key on and it worked fine. Forgot to turn the key off and put the meter back in the hole and bumped the metal frame and caused a spark. Now nothing works, key is dead, tested the power wire to the key and nothing it has no power. Can’t fined what happened that caused the power to stop. Still have 36v hot batteries. any suggestions on what to look for.

  148. Hi,
    I have an ezgo electric golf cart that when it seems to be running fine all of a sudden stops as if the brakes have locked on. I have had the brakes checked and replaced and the solenoid replaced. I have also tried bypassing a fuse in it which were the three things suggested to me. Still doing it though. Could it be the transmission in it broken and losing its grip or similar situation?

  149. I have a 1992 ezgo marathon 36 volt . solenoid clicks but no go. replaced with new solenoid still no go

  150. I have a 2006 EZGO electric. it was lifted recently. it makes rattling noise when i press the gas pedal. it stops after a few seconds when the cart starts going. it sounds like there are lose parts shaking and seems to be from the front of the cart. but i can’t find any. the person who lifted the cart also checked and couldn’t think of anything wrong with it. it seems to be getting worse as the days pass.
    previously it was making similar noise but much louder and seems to be from the back. we found out one of the shocks came off. that was fixed. but now this noise from the front.

  151. I have a 90s ezgo txt electric golf cart it will only go about half speed. The micro switch in the throttle box is broken. What does this switch do. Is it possible the micro switch is causing my speed problem?

  152. 2008 ergo 48 volt I keep blowing headlight fuses new batteries replaced regulator have 49 volts at the fuse holder

  153. My 2007 ego golf cart was making a grinding noise sometimes. Had brakes put on. The man said it would stop. This was 2 years ago. Now it just started to make a click noise when I put in it in reverse and step on pedal. What could the problem be now?

  154. I have a 2008 electric 36v ezgo cart. The cart operates fine except that it also operates with the key in the off position. I have check the voltage and ohms on the switch which is working correctly. What other switches or relays should I check.

    Bruno: Usually do to a welded Solenoid. Find one here.

  155. i have a gas powered 1995 ezgo golf cart. i turn the key on and depress the pedal nothing happens i put drive train in reverse and the signal goes off letting me know it is in nreverse. I’ve tested the battery (its new) it reads fully charged. what do I test next, so I may ID the problem.
    Thanks for your Help!!

    Bruno: The throttle sensor is the likely problem.

  156. 2006 ezgo txt 36v put in new batteries now I have power the back-up sound works but the cart will not move forward or reverse

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