My EZGO Golf Cart Motor Runs But Cart Will Not Move Or Go

ezgo txt tct
If your EZGO PDS or TXT golf cart will not move forward or back after it has been making grinding noises this is the most common problem.

The rear brake drum hub combo likely has all the teeth striped out of it. With time the soft brake hubs work loose from the rear axle. It will allow there to be a small gap between the two. The EZGO brake hub is made from a softer metal than the rear axle and will strip out much sooner. That saves you from having to replace the complete rear golf cart axle which is much more costly.

EZGO rear hub stripped

To check if your hub is striped have someone press the go pedal while you look at the nut that locks down the hub. If the motor spins but the cart will not move look to see if the hub nut is spinning. If it is the hub is stripped out and needs replaced.

You can buy replacement hubs for your EZGO here at a cheap price.

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