My EZGO Golf Cart Motor Runs But Cart Will Not Move Or Go

ezgo txt tct
If your EZGO PDS or TXT golf cart will not move forward or back after it has been making grinding noises this is the most common problem.

The rear brake drum hub combo likely has all the teeth striped out of it. With time the soft brake hubs work loose from the rear axle. It will allow there to be a small gap between the two. The EZGO brake hub is made from a softer metal than the rear axle and will strip out much sooner. That saves you from having to replace the complete rear golf cart axle which is much more costly.

EZGO rear hub stripped

To check if your hub is striped have someone press the go pedal while you look at the nut that locks down the hub. If the motor spins but the cart will not move look to see if the hub nut is spinning. If it is the hub is stripped out and needs replaced.

You can buy replacement hubs for your EZGO here at a cheap price.

9 thoughts on “My EZGO Golf Cart Motor Runs But Cart Will Not Move Or Go

  1. I have a 99 Freedom Precision Drive and when I am driving it the gold cart will beep and stop. I have replaced batteries 2 years ago I keep them topped off. What causes this?

    Bruno: Im pretty sure it is the roll away prevention kicking in. Check solenoids.

  2. I have a 1996 EZ GO textron cart. It has a grinding sound in the rear end when you take your foot off the pedal and let it coast what do you think it would be? Thank you in advance for your help.
    Larry Verner

  3. My 2004 EZ Go TXT gas engine cart will not move in forward or reverse. The rear clutch was replaced a year ago. Both clutches seem to be fully moving to tighten belt but cart will not move forward or in reverse. What might be the problem?

  4. I have a similar problem to Larry Verner above, however it is a rubbing sound that seems to be with every revolution of the rear wheels. It is not loud and only occurs when coasting not when the accelerator peddle is pressed even maintaining speed. Could someone reply to us?

    Bruno: If it is not the issue in the article it is most likely a bad wheel bearing. The bearing will make that scrubbing sound sometimes when not under load and just coasting.

  5. was driving my 98 electric cart when I made a u turn and stepped on the accelerator petal it would not go. tried reverse no go. but beeper sound was heard .

  6. A friend has an 2011 ezgo and says that when the accelerator is on the floor it runs fine, when on the floor and going down a steep grade starts making a loud clicking sound, let off the petal and it stops, or put it on a load and it stops(clicking). The braking system works fine when you let off the gas. Whats wrong with it?

  7. My daughter was driving our gas golf cart. I told her to stop and I was putting it in reverse well she didn’t let off gas and now it will not go forward or backward. Please say it can be fixed and not to costly.

    Bruno: Would need much more info. Check for striped hubs, Bad switch. burnt belt —-

  8. My golf cart is 2010 EZGO electric. If switch from neutral to forward or reverse it makes a terrible grinding noise but will not move. No one around here works on carts. Anyone know what this could be?

    Bruno: It is usually the axle spline that is stripped out.

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