How Much Engine Oil Goes In EZGO Gas Golf Cart Motor 295cc And 350cc

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When adding motor oil to you EZGO golf cart make sure not to over fill. There can be problems if you have a lifted cart or one end is higher than the other due to alterations to the EZGO.

Under normal conditions you can just fill your EZGO with oil up to the Full mark on the dipstick. If your cart has a lift kit installed often the rear end of the golf cart is higher of the ground and will cause oil to flow into the airbox causing excessive smoke to flow from exhaust.

A lifted cart causes the dipstick to read too low and if you fill up with oil to the Full mark you are actually over filled and oil will splash up into the airbox.

To get the correct amount of oil in the EZGO you should drain the oil completely from the cart then fill with exactly 1.5 quarts. This will safely give you the correct amount of oil without having to guess at it.

The oil in golf carts needs to be changed after every 125 hours of use or every six months, whichever comes first.

EZGO recommends using 48oz. (1.5 Q) of 10-30W or 30W detergent oil to refill the crankcase. Also to change out your oil filter with one like this. Oil Filter & Ring Kit for EZGO Here.

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  1. were is the drain plug ????

    Bruno: Old engines have a triangle with 3 bolts on the back bottom that you remove. Newer motors have a single bolt on the back bottom.

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