Powerwise QE And Delta Q Charger Fault Codes For Flashing Golf Cart Problems


Are you having issues with your golf cart? If you have a Powerwise QE or a Delta Q Charger these fault code may help you out.

Powerwise QE and Delta Q Charger Fault Codes


SHORT GREEN FLASH = less than 80% charged
LONG GREEN FLASH = more than 80% charged
SOLID GREEN = 100% charged
RED FLASH = fault code

RED FLASH: Light turns on briefly, but does not
flash after that – check for valid AC voltage.

ONE RED FLASH: One flash, a pause and then
again one flash and a pause – Charge Enable
Fault: poor contact in the DC connector or dirty
contacts or Battery Temperature Fault: battery
temperature is greater than 122° F (50° C) or less
than 14° F (-10° C).

Two flashes, a pause and
then again two flashes and a pause – Battery Voltage
Fault: Battery pack is less than 36.0 Volts or
more than 67.2 Volts. Battery pack is too discharged
or over charged for the charger to work.

THREE RED FLASHES: Three flashes, a pause
and then again three flashes and a pause – Battery
Charge Time-out: Charge time exceeded 24
hours. This may indicate a problem with the battery
pack or that the charger output current was
severely reduced due to high ambient temperatures.

FOUR RED FLASHES: Four flashes, a pause and
then again four flashes and a pause – Battery
Fault: Charge time exceeded. This indicates a
problem with the battery pack voltage not reaching
the required nominal level within the maximum
time allowed.

SIX RED FLASHES: Six flashes, a pause and
then again six flashes and a pause – Charger
Fault: An internal fault has been detected. If this
fault is displayed again after unplugging the
charger’s DC power cord and plugging it back in,
the charger must be taken to a qualified service

I hope theses charger fault codes can help you figure out the problems you are having.

27 thoughts on “Powerwise QE And Delta Q Charger Fault Codes For Flashing Golf Cart Problems

  1. I have the two red light undercharge code. How do I charge the batteries if the charger doesn’t work?

    Bruno: use an automotive type charger to bring up the charge level. If you have 6 volt batteries you can connect 2 in parallel to charge at a time. If 12 volt batteries just connect as you would a car. Quick charge each of the batteries for an hour or two and that should get your pack charged enough to get the Powerwise to kick on and take it to full charge.

  2. I have undercharge code but with 6 brand new batteries. Shouldn’t new batteries have enough charge?

    Bruno: Not always. Check voltage on each battery to make sure you don’t have a bad battery. If you have no issues use a car charger and charge each battery for a half hour. Then see if your golf cart charger will work to get them fully charged.

  3. I have the two red flash code as well. In addition to the charger not functioning properly, my headlight and tail lights are not working. Is the low battery voltage causing the lights to malfunction, or do I have another issue?

    Bruno: more than likely you have another issue.

  4. I have six new batteries and am now receiving this fault code. I did not charge for 24 hours and when I had the new batteries installed, the technicians also checked the output from my charger stating that it was working fine. What do I need to do to alleviate this condition in order to charge my cart?
    THREE RED FLASHES: Three flashes, a pause
    and then again three flashes and a pause – Battery
    Charge Time-out: Charge time exceeded 24
    hours. This may indicate a problem with the battery
    pack or that the charger output current was
    severely reduced due to high ambient temperatures.

  5. Two red flashes it says undercharged or overcharged. How do I know which? Cart is running great and recently new batteries installed

  6. I have the 6 flashing red lights. Do I need a new charger? Any way to fix this without a new charger? Please help

    Bruno: Test it on another cart and if you still get 6 flashes the charger need repaired.

  7. what if you only get 5 flashes and then it stops

    Bruno: There is no 5 flash code. Sorry but you are on your own.

  8. When I plug the cart in the charger flashes red to green about 4 times each. Back and forth- red to green and then no light on at all. I know the cart needs to be charged because it slowed down dramatically. I can not find anything about this fault code. I did recently change out the carts chip to the higher speed chip. But, would this cause a problem during charging? Thanks in advance for your help!

  9. 2 red flash code on a 6 battery 8 volt, how do I charge with a car charger? One at a time? On 6v 2amp? Or 6v 6amp, or 12v 6 am, these are the setting of the charger

    Bruno: For charging 8 volts up to a high enough level to kick cart charger on I use one of these https://amzn.to/3nWaIYA

    I first check the voltage of each cart battery and start with the least charged battery first and sometimes charging just the low one works

  10. I have 4 brand new Trojans batteries in my golf cart (48v. Yahama Drive). My hydrometer shows that all cells are between the white and red indicator. The charger green light flasher between 4 and 20 times before the red light comes on, flashes sometimes one and sometimes two times. The whole process is then repeated. All connections are in order as well as cables. Within 24 hours the hydrometer will not change it’s reading and I notice no bubble activity in the cells when the charger is hooked up. 125v comming from recepticals. I’m stumped. Any suggestions?

    Bruno: If after 3 hours and no bubbling the charger is not producing the initial high amperage charge cycle. Start by borrowing a proven working charger from a friend or shop. Another option is to charge each battery one by one with car charger until full. Then test the full battery pack under load to know if all batteries are good.

  11. Hello, I have a Powerwise QE 48v charger for my 2010 RXV with 4*12v. At plug in the led rapidly flashes red 5 (it flashes so fast I had to video it in slow mo to actually count it) then flashes green with a clicking sound. I left it plugged in for 10hrs or so but no change. Whole pack tests at 48v after running for 6-7 miles. One battery does test slight lower than 12v (11.7)… Any thoughts?

  12. My PowerWise charger is flashing red/amber alternating. What might be causing this? It seem’s like the batteries are not fully charged the last few times I’ve had it out.

  13. I have ezgo power wise QE charger … No blinking lights…nothing. No blinking lights on golf cart either. Batteries are totally dead due to sitting all winter.

    Bruno: You need to charge each battery individually for a half hour first with car type charger. After that your cart charger will click on and do a full charge.

  14. Two blinking red lights on EZ Go Powerwise QE. I believe the cart is over charged because head and tail lights work. Will act like its trying to go in reverse and reverse beeper comes on , no movement when trying to go forward. Dad washed golf cart and got it soaked. Tried drying it out, no luck.

  15. My Ez go powerwise QE charger is flashing two red light flashes, I put a volt meter across each battery and all four are reading 12 volt and tested voltage across all four and get 48.3 volts, I tested all four batteries with the hydrometer and all check good, any ideas what to check next. I unplugged the charger overnight and tried again in the morning and still getting two red flashes. Also how do you check the DC output of the charger without it being plugged into the golf cart.
    Thanks Gene

    Bruno: You should be getting 55-56.5 volts when fully charged. 48.3 is way low. Try charging each battery one by one for at lest an hour each. Then plug the cart back in for a full charge. Your batteries are too low to get the charger to come on.

  16. I have the 917-4810, and recently the LED does not come on AT ALL when plugged into my 2014 Ambush iS. I do not recall whether the LED is supposed to come on if the charger is energized, but not connected to the buggy at all. Either way, no matter what I do, I cannot get the LED illuminate. Are there any user-serviceable parts that I could inspect before admitting defeat?

  17. I just wanted to add – the combined voltage for all 6 (8v) batteries is 48V – and the SOC gauge shows 1/4 charged. So the batteries are not (completely) dead. Should the charger’s LED come on at all if it is not plugged into a battery bank?

  18. I plug my ezgo powerwise qe charger in any I get red and green flashing lights. Then nothing. No lights at all. Is my charger or batteries messed up or is it something else. Thanks -David

  19. I have a problem with my ezzo go buggy I have a variation of problems with lights from red lights flashing six times then a break to just the yellow lights on to a flashing green light – if I run it round the block and ug it in again I get the green flashing light or within about 15 mins get a solid green light so know it’s charged so why all the other lights

  20. Cart has 6 new 6 volt batteries and when I plug in charger I get 2 red flashes then a pause then 2 red flashes – this means the voltage is too low for charger to start working – my battery voltage checks 36.2 volts . is this too low to make the charger start charging ?

    Bruno: Yes, sometimes that is too low to start charge. A 36v pack will show 44v when first full charged and after 12 hours of resting the pack will settle to around 38.2 volts.

  21. I’ve seen several people post about the charger rapid flashing red and green as soon as it’s plugged in, and then nothing. Do you not have an answer for this, it seems as though you randomly answer questions and have avoided the 5-6 ones such as this. Could you shed some light as tif what causes this?

    Bruno: You usually see this when the charger is not seeing the voltage it needs and is faulting out. If this is the 36 volt model, the plug on cart has to have at least 30 volts or the charger will fault out. If that is the case check for a bad battery by testing each voltage. Also make sure the water levels are correct. If that does not solve the problem the charger may have issues and need to be serviced.

  22. I have a 2010 EZ-GO RXV with 4 brand new Trojan 12 volt batteries, just purchased 3 1/2 weeks ago. I play a lot of golf so I’ve already played 13 rounds of golf since I purchased the new batteries. No problem until 2 days ago. Now I am getting the two flashing Red lights and NO charge. I just took my PowerWise QE charger to a friends house this afternoon, he has a 2008 EZ-GO with the same charger. I plugged his into mine and it immediately started charging, then I plugged mine into his and I got the same two flashing Red lights. Hmmm…? I think I already know the answer but I’m a skeptic, does that “absolutely” guarantee that MY charger is bad and needs replacing? Can they be repaired or is it a disposable charger as I’ve heard…?
    Thanks in advance.

  23. I have a powerwise qe charger, when I plug it in I get nothing, no Red or Green lights.
    My cart was sitting dormant with no charge for 6 months due to remodel of house.
    Thanks in advance

    Bruno: Batteries are too low to make charger safely start. You need to charge each battery individually for an hour first to get the cart charger to work.

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