Golf Cart Speed Controller Age And Gradual Failure Can Cause Loss Of Speed And Torque

Inside Golf Cart Speed Controller
Has your golf cart lost torque and top speed even though you have new or at least well maintained batteries? Well the problem may be your aging speed controller whether it be made by EZGO, Club Car or Yamaha.

A golf cart speed controller can experience performance degradation over it’s life time, whether it is just sitting on the shelf unused or in operation within a golf cart system. Just sitting in a pretty new looking box for significant length of time, say a few years, without use, the capacitors start to dry up and go bad or gradually fail even when not used. So check the manufactured date when you go to purchase a “New” speed controller.

With a new speed controller it should be capable of an output current (amps) near or in excess of its current limit. A 275 amp speed controller should be able to output a current of 275 A or more to the motor when brand new.

With age and use, internal parts of a golf cart speed controller begin to breakdown. As heat is put upon any metal or conductor in such a device for a long duration it can cause any metal based system to become brittle and less conductive to electrical current.

burnt up golf cart controller

If you have an older controller from the 90’s it may have serious degradation of the electronics inside. Your controller which once pumped out 275 A may now only output around 200 A. Your motor will not be able to perform to its full potential. You will see the issue as a loss of torque or top speed.

A golf cart can surprise you with hidden issues that sometimes seem impossible to solve yourself but with a little knowledge you may be able to solve the problem yourself. If this issue applies to you take a look at upgrading your golf cart speed controller here.

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  1. Is it only the controller or is the solenoid part of the problem .How much is a new controller for the 36v and 48v systems?

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