What year is my Gas Club Car Golf Cart with serial number guide

Gas Club Car Golf Cart serial number location
Do you want to know the year and model of your Gas Club Car Golf Cart? Here is a chart list that tells you what all the letter codes mean on your gas Club Car cart.

This serial number guide is for 1980 and up gas club cars and will tell you what they all mean.

The first letters you see is the MODEL, second set are numbers and tells the year and the last set is the week that the cart was made. The rest is serial number and is just the order in which it was made and doesn’t mean anything else.

Example: AG8314 would be:

AG = “DS Gas Golf Car” + 83 would be 1983 and 14 would be the 14th week of production. This gives you a 1983 DS gas golf cart,

AG= DS Gasoline Golf Car
AD= XRT 1200 – Pioneer 1200 Gas Utility Vehicle
AE= XRT 900 – Pioneer 900 Gas Utility Vehicle
AH= XRT 1200 SE
CG= Gas Industrial Vehicle
DG= Fairway Villager, 4 Passenger Gas Vehicle
EG= Carryall II Gasoline Flatbed/Pickup Utility
FG= Carryall I Gasoline Flatbed/Pickup Utility
HG= Turf I Gasoline Utility Vehicle
KG= Resort Villager Gasoline 6 Passenger
LG= Limo Gasoline 8 Passenger
LX = Lynx Hunting Vehicle (Gas & Electric)Vehicle
MG= Resort Villager Gasoline 8 Passenger
PG= Carryall II Plus Flatbed/Pickup Utility
QG= Carryall 272 Gasoline Utility Vehicle
RG= Turf II Gasoline Pickup
SG= Turf 272 Gasoline Utility Vehicle
TG= Tourall Gasoline Utility Vehicle
VG= Turf 6 Gasoline Utility Vehicle
WG= 19th Hole Gasoline Utility Vehicle
XG= XRT Gasoline Utility Vehicle
YG= 19th Hole Deluxe Gasoline Vehicle
ZG= Carryall 2 XRT Gasoline Utility Vehicle

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