How To Tow An EZGO Series Golf Cart Safely With No Damage

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An EZGO series golf cart does not have a Run/Tow switch like a PDS cart does. To tow a series cart without damaging the motor or batteries there are a few things you should do first.

Towing an electric motor can easily damage the motor and any batteries and electronics that are connected to it. On a PDS cart all you need to do is just flip the switch to tow and you are good to go. This is not the case with a series golf cart.

Start by placing the F/R switch in the Neutral position. Next, disconnect the batteries from the motor. That part is not usually necessary but just to be safe and have no doubt of damaging batteries. When towing make sure you go slow. Don’t go faster than the cart would normally run on it’s own power. Pulling your golf cart faster than designed to go can over-spin the motor. Possible slinging the internal parts into pieces and ruining the motor.

Your golf cart’s electric powered motor becomes a electricity generator when it is spun on its own. This generated power travels back up the battery cables to your battery pack and controller. If you disconnect the main battery cable and put the F/R switch in neutral you stop this reversed flow of current from damaging the electronics and batteries of your EZGO golf cart.