What Does The Run / Tow Switch Do On My Golf Cart Either EZGO Or Club Car

EZGO run tow switch

The Run / Tow switch on most newer golf cart like the E-Z-Go PDS , RXV or Club Car IQ, Precedent models use a switch for protecting the On Board Computer (OBC). This toggle switch is used to temporarily “kill” the brain of the electric cart for towing, maintenance, and long-term storage.

The electronic speed controller in most modern golf cars with regenerative braking (REGEN) sucks up a small amperage all the time, even when the car is off and parked. If you want to leave your cart at a second home, or anywhere not on charge for a long period of time, you should flip this switch to the “TOW” position to conserve battery life and prevent the amp draw from the controller.

Also, if the cart ever fails to run and needs to be towed, you should switch this toggle over to the “TOW” position to stop any damage to your golf cart. Flipping the switch to “TOW” when your are working on the electrical system of the car or before any batteries are connected or disconnected.

Place Run/Tow switch in TOW position before performing any of the following:
– Disconnecting or connecting battery cables
– Towing this vehicle
– Extended storage
– Servicing the vehicle

Tow/Run Switch: When the Tow/Run switch is in the RUN position, the vehicle will function normally.
When the switch is in the TOW position, power to the OBC and controller is shut off, disabling the vehicle operating circuit.

3 thoughts on “What Does The Run / Tow Switch Do On My Golf Cart Either EZGO Or Club Car

  1. I have a 1997 TXT Electric that DOES NOT have a “Tow-Maintenance” switch, even though the manuals for that year claim it does. What does that mean? Do I have a factory defect, or an aftermarket controller and housing, or what? Most sites seem to indicate that ALL golf car have this feature.

    Bruno: Only PDS carts have the switch. You have a TXT standard.

  2. If my txt standard does not have a tow switch how do i safety tow it or protect the obc also for maintenance and to conserve battery life. RON R.

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