Why Do Golf Cart Batteries Smell Bad During Charging

golf cart battey fix
Do you smell rotten eggs coming from your golf cart during charging? The bad odor you smell is coming from the gas put off when the batteries are being charged. It is most noticeable the first few times you charge new golf cart batteries.

You will get the same smell form all brands of golf carts – EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha and others. The rotten egg smell you get is from hydrogen sulfide which is a by product of heavy charging batteries. Heavy charging is the initial stage of a proper deep charge algorithm.

A good golf cart charger starts off with a high amperage charge period. During that time some of the hydrogen sulfide gas may be released. Later the charger drops the amperage down to finish off the deep cycle charge. Often small amounts of gas are still being produced but that often goes undetected. That strong acid smell you get should be ventilated as the gas is toxic to the lungs and flammable. The gas can explode if subject to an open flame.

Please charge your golf cart in a well vented area to prevent any danger from the foul smelling gas. If you are still having excessive gassing coming for your cart after the first ten charges this may indicate a problem with the batteries or the charging system. Have this checked out by a certified golf cart mechanic when possible.

If you feel it is a problem with your charger you can find new and used golf cart battery chargers much cheaper than just a few years ago.