What size are wheel lug studs on Club Car golf cart OME

Club Car golf cart wheel studs
Over time your Club Car golf carts wheel lug studs can work loose and become damaged. They rarely need replaced but when they do which ones will fit?

The stock size that comes on Club Car golf carts are OEM: CLUB CAR 101922201.
These are an exact factory replacement and are the same that came on your Club Car cart. You may also find a that this Dorman p/n 610-138 is much cheaper wheel lug fits just as well and can sometimes be found at automotive stores like O’Reilly Auto parts stores.

Please take extra care when installing wheel studs as to not damage the hub of your golf cart. It is a good practice to put some Loctite Blue 242 on your thread when installing the lug nuts. This will keep the lug nuts on and keep them from freezing permanently to the studs. A stuck lug nut being removed is one of the most common ways the wheel stud became damaged in the first place.