Fix Club Car Gas Golf Cart Running Rich And Rough Idle

Does your Club Car Gas golf cart run rough with little power when driving. This is the first place to look.

A small gas golf cart engine needs two major things to run. Gas and air. If it can’t get the proper amount of either your cart will have a tough time running well.

If your Club Car feels like it is bogging down when you give it the throttle there is a good chance it is not getting enough air into the motor. Making sure the air filter is clean will help get a good air flow moving into the cart’s motor.

Sometimes other things can be blocking air from getting into the engine. In the video below this guy has a problem with Mud daubers plugging up the air vents into the choke. The wasp blockage restricts the air enough that it is like running with the choke always engaged. Once the golf cart motor has warmed up the engine continues to run but with too much fuel compared to the air needed. Thus the poor running motor.

Sometimes you can get your golf cart back to running like new without spending any money. The more you learn about your Club Car the easier it will be to fix next time you have issues.

If you need more detailed help with your Club Car consider getting a service manual.