Install Harbor Freight Predator 6.5hp Motor Upgrade Golf Cart

Predator 6.5hp Pull Start Motor In Golf Cart
These guys replaced their blown golf cart motor with a cheap Harbor Freight 6.5hp and it works great. He took his Yamaha G1 that had a blown engine on it and replaced it with a Harbor Freight 6.5hp 212cc Predator motor. He also had to use a 3/4″ clutch adapter to up size the shaft to mount the larger sized golf cart pulley.

For a smaller than stock golf cart motor it sure gets the job done while going up and down the hills in his neighborhood.

This would make a great cheap golf cart build project to teach the kids a thing or two. If you could find a free or very cheap golf cart with a blown motor as your base it would be great. A new Predator 6.5hp motor can be had for around $130 and under $100 for the extra parts to install, convert and mount the new engine in the golf cart.

These Predator 6.5hp motors rate very high for such a cheap price and are easily upgraded with performance parts. While adding a 22 HP (670cc) V-Twin gas engine might give you some added speed and torque to your cart they are also much more expensive at $700 plus the conversion parts.

I personally have used those motors in a go-kart I built for my daughter and I later swapped it over to a mini bike I gave to my nephew. The only thing I ever had to do was change the oil, plug, and the air filter. The thing is still running after four years with no issues.

If anybody gives their cart a engine swap let me know how it went and I will post pics of your builds if you want me to.

You will need this 3/4″ Clutch adapter to use your stock golf cart clutch on a 3/4″ shaft Honda Clone motor.

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  1. I am considering doing a swap like this to a 97 ezgo txt gas cart. Does the cart run in reverse with this swap? Also besides the clutch will you need anything from the existing engine such as starter generator, solenoids, etc?

  2. Hi. I am planning swap ez go gas and replace with a 13 hp predator engine electric start can you tell me what all I will have to change and also buy. thank you

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