Troubleshoot And Install EZGO Powerwise Charger Board How To Fix Video

Troubleshoot and Install a EZGO Powerwise Charger Board
Are you having problems with your EZGO Powerwise Charger? Well, this will fix your issues with it. Follow these steps to get your EZGO golf cart back running again.

EZGO Powerwise Chargers are very durable but they do have a weak point. It is the Powerwise Charger Board. The charging circuit boards tend to burn out and have to be replaced as many as three or four times before you may need to trash the whole thing.

For an even more in depth video on how to put the board in with the complete wire connections to the EZGO Powerwise charger board you can look here.

If you need a replacement EZGO Powerwise charger board you can find one here for the cheapest price I have found yet.