Install Tune Up Kit and Belts and Plugs on EZGO RXV Golf Cart DIY Video

Tune up EZGO RXV golf cart
Time for a golf cart tune-up. It’s Spring and you pull out your EZ-Go for a ride. It is now running rough after sitting all winter. What do you do.

Every few years your EZ-Go gas golf cart needs a tune-up to get it back to new running condition. This video will walk you through getting the power back into that little engine under the seat of your RXV golf cart. This is well worth the small expense to keep you cart running well for years to come.

The video starts with cleaning out the air filter and replacing it. Next with a 13/16ths socket replace your spark plug (EZGO 607462) or (NGK BPR2ES) with a new gap to between 28 and 30th.

Now you replace your fuel filter by taking of the gas cap then removing the hoses. That are held by small clamps and may require plires to squeeze them open to separate the fuel filter.

After that you replace your belts. The drive belt comes off easily by hand. The generator belt takes a 9/16ths wrench to loosen the bolts to slip the belt on and off.

And to finish it off you need to replace the EZ-Go’s oil and filter. You will need a 10mm wrench plus oil filter wrench.

The golf cart’s engine oil should be replaced after the first 8 hours of operation. After the first oil change, it should be changed every 125 hours of operation or twice a year, whichever comes first. The viscosity of oil is dependent upon the service that the vehicle will perform. Most RXVs require 10W-30 oil, whereas vehicles used at capacity or near capacity load applications will utilize 10W-40 oil after a break-in period of 100 hours on the motor.

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