How To Tell If Golf Cart Has Been Stored Outside And Not Protected From The Weather

old golf cart roof

If a golf cart has been stored inside or covered when not in use it is more likely to be in better shape. If you are looking to buy a golf cart here are some things to look for to see if it has been kept outside most of its life.

Does the top of the golf cart have mold stains and extremely faded in color? This can mean the cart was alway outside and just as with autos, carts that are kept covered up and out of the elements are usually taken better care of than those that are not. Do a quick check for cracks or holes, these will leak and come down on you when it rains! Keep in mind that EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha golf cart tops can be very expensive to replace: Any where between $150.00 – $500.00 depending on what you want, standard, extended, custom painted.

Make sure to give a golf cart a good look over before you make the purchase. If you are not comfortable with your knowledge of golf carts please bring someone along to help you out that is better skilled with them. Don’t make a very expensive mistake. You will be much happier with a well taken care of cart.