How To Change Club Car Precedent To Speed Code 5 To Increase Top Speed

Club Car Precedent To Speed Code 5

If you want to get the maximum top speed out of your Club Car Precedent it will involve your cart to be reprogrammed to a controller setting of a non-stock 5.

Must have THE CODE 5 PROGRAMMER From here to get things started.

Code 5 Programmer Sequence of Operation

While holding the Code 5 Programmer in hand, (wire out the top and switch at the bottom) you have three programming modes: 1) Right position is Speed Mode, 2) Left
position is Torque Mode and 3) Center position (straight up and down) is stock mode.

Precedent carts: have the programming port under the dash below the key switch

DS carts: have the programming port under the forward / reverse switch.

Programming is very easy and takes about 45 seconds. First, decide which program you want to use (speed). Second, with programmer in hand (as above), move the switch to the right (speed setting) position. Third, put your cart into TOW MODE. Fourth, plug the programmer into your programming port, and? Fifth, put the Tow / Run Switch into RUN MODE, while watching the lights on your programmer.

The first sequence of flashes is the software version of the Code 5 Programmer tm – at this time it will flash 6 times, pause, flash 6 times, pause, and flash either 1 or 2 more times, indicating firmware version 6:6:1 for the AMD motor and 6:6:2 for the GE motor.

If at any time during this phase it flashes 5 times, pauses, and flashes 5 times the unit is not communicating with the controller and will shut down.

The third sequence of flashes indicate the program being downloaded into your controller:

1. STOCK MODE: led flashes one time, pauses, flashes one time, pauses, for 10
cycles of ONE flash.
2. SPEED MODE: led flashes two times, pauses, flashes two times, pauses, for 9
cycles of TWO flashes.
3. TORQUE MODE: led flashes three times, pauses, flashes three times, pauses, for 9
cycles of THREE flashes.

After programming in any of the three modes above, the programmer will flash FIVE times, pause, then flash FIVE more times and turns off. At this time the programmer should be unplugged and put away until a change in programming is needed.

Again if the programmer flashes 5 times, pauses, and flashes 5 times again at any time other than end of programming cycle, the Code 5 Programmer is not communicating with the controller. The 5-5 flash is telling you the Code 5 Programmer is about to shut down and you only want to see this at the end of the programming cycle.

Using these steps got my 2007 Club Car Precedent with stock tires up to 22mph.

8 thoughts on “How To Change Club Car Precedent To Speed Code 5 To Increase Top Speed

  1. Any tips for the club car precedent with the excel i2 system?

    Bruno: Not yet will look into it.

  2. Are there any negatives to doing this to my cart such as run time battery life etc.?

    Bruno: It will shorten run time a bit just because of the extra battery drain to push the faster speeds. It will not cause any damage to the cart or batteries though.

  3. I just had my precedent repaired with a brand new AMD 3294 and my Curtis control stock rebuilt. Cart did 18 mph. Ordered the speed code 5 and cart was doing 29! I had it for about two weeks when I was running top speed for about 3 minutes and the motor slowed to a crawl. Now it’s grinding and jerking and smells really bad. Why?

    Bruno: Something triggered the cart to go into limp mode. With a resent rebuild it could be a loose wire.

  4. I have a precedent club car what kinda proggramer would i need with out spending a lot of money to up my speed

    Bruno: the cheapest way to gain speed is wit one of these. Speed Magnet

  5. I have a 1992 club car. Is there a speed chip to make it faster?

    Bruno: Only PDS carts use a chip.

  6. I ordered the code 5 programmer and programmed my 05 Precedent. I have no change in speed.Cart accelerates quickly, then tops out at “walking speed”.
    Programmer made zero difference.

    Bruno: Sorry, I have been out of the country for a month. E-mail the manufacture. They are very good walking people through issues until they get solved.

  7. I just purchased a 2014 Club Car. The serial number starts with JE. Can I change the speed settings?

    Bruno: Yes.

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