How And Where To Find EZGO Golf Cart Serial Number And Year

E-Z-GO models

You can find your EZGO Serial Number And Year in a few different places depending on the model and year made of your golf cart.

Look at these locations for your EZGO Serial Number:
EZGO Serial # and Manufacturer’s Code by year:
1994 to Current Medalist & TXT – Left side of the passenger side dash compartment.

1976-1994 pre-Medalist – Below passenger side dash on right side.

1965-1975 EZGO – On the frame under the seat on driver’s side.

To read EZGO codes:
When your Serial Number / Manufacturer’s Code includes a letter and three to four numbers in random order, your Golf Cart was built between 1979 to now. Check the digits in the code to extract the exact year as in the examples below:

Example 1: Y2496 is a 1996 Golf Car

Example 2: 02C83 is a 1983 Golf Car

When your Serial Number / Manufacturer’s Code has six digits or more and is not a 3 wheel, your Golf Car was manufactured between 1976 to 1978. Take a look the first six digits in date format as in the line below:

Example: 78012212113 is a 1978 Golf Car