Golf Cart 12 Inch Tire Size Chart – Low Profile

12-wheels If you are thinking about switching your EZGO, Club Car or Yamaha golf cart over to low profile tires and wheels this size chart may help you out.

Most stock EZGOs can handle up to a 215/50-12 tire without scrubbing if you have no added weight on the back – Flip seat, cargo box and such. If you have a back seat or sagging rear springs don’t go taller than 215/40-12.

Club Cars and Yamaha cart usually max out at 215/40-12 tires.

Here are some actual measurements:
205/30-12= 8.07″ Wide, 16.84″ Tall (2.42″ sidewall)
215/30-12= 8.46″ Wide, 17.07′ Tall (2.53″ sidewall)
215/35-12= 8.46″ Wide, 17.9″ Tall (2.96″ sidewall)
215/40-12= 8.46″ Wide, 18.77″ Tall (3.38″ sidewall)
215/50-12= 8.46″ Wide 20.46″ Tall (4.23″ sidewall)

These numbers are converting metric tire size to inches. Some variations may happen due to rim width, tire pressure, and tire wear.