Shriner Beeper The Clown Recovers Stolen Golf Cart

Beeper The Clown Golf Cart
In odd golf cart news today, Beeper The Clown from Northampton, is happy to report that his missing golf cart has be found.

The golf Shriner’s cart went disappeared overnight on September 2nd 2016 police reported said last week. Beeper, who is a member of the Melha Shriners “Clown Unit”, uses the modified Yamaha golf cart in performances that bring in money for Shriners Hospital in Springfield and entertain injured or sick kids.

Well luckily the cart has been found! “We wish to thank the public for all their help in this case, which assisted in the recovery of this stolen cart,” Police Capt. John Cartledge wrote in a press release. “The Northampton Police Department is continuing to investigate this case and anticipates that criminal charges will follow.”

They have yet to catch the thieves but they have a few leads. Well, good luck with that.