Should I Let My Golf Cart Batteries Run All The Way Down Before Recharging

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Many new golf cart owners ask me if they should let their EZGO or Club Car run the batteries down all the way before recharging. The short answer is NO! Heck No! Don’t do that unless you want to damage your golf cart batteries.

Please never discharge a golf cart’s batteries to the point that the cart will not run any longer. By doing this you will shorten the life cycle of the cart batteries markedly, and may lastingly damage the batteries. It is conceivable that the batteries will not take a recharge if they are altogether discharged. The more complete the cell discharge, the harder it is on the cart batteries to recover to a full, usable charge.

Most current production golf carts have automatic chargers that will shut off when the batteries are charged and will come back on if the batteries drop to an insufficient charge level.

Golf Cart batteries for EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha are deep cycle lead acid batteries. Lead Acid batteries do discharge on their own over time so expect this to happen.

If you have an older manual cart charger it is best to upgrade to an automatic one. You can find them here much cheaper that the ones made by your golf cart’s manufacturer.

2 thoughts on “Should I Let My Golf Cart Batteries Run All The Way Down Before Recharging

  1. What voltage is the battery about one-half discharged? (battery is six eight volt batteries.

    Bruno: A new 8 volt battery is at around 8.07v when at 50% of charge. 8.5v when fully charged.

  2. is it safe to connect a car battery charger on my club car( in the RV deep cycle setting of course )??????

    Bruno: Sure. Just charge one 12 volt at a time.

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