D&D Alltrax Golf Cart Motor Controller Beep Light Flash Codes For Series

Golf Cart Controller beep codes
Having troubles with your golf cart that uses a D&D Alltrax Motor Controller. Check out this LED flash code chart to help you solve your issues.

This info comes direct from D&D’s series golf cart controller manual and can seen in full here.

The series controllers have a bicolor front panel LED. This LED displays a variety of information each time the controller is powered up, by series of blinks. Count the number of green blinks to identify the type of throttle the controller is configured for. After the blink code indicating throttle type, the LED will stay green if there are no errors.

LED Blink Codes:
At power up the number of green blinks indicates the configured throttle type:
1 Green = 0-5k
2 Green = 5k-0
3 Green = 0-5V
4 Green = EZ-GO inductive (ITS) LED
5 Green = Yamaha 0-1K
6 Green= Taylor-Dunn 6-10.5V
7 Green = CLUBCAR 5K-0, 3-wire

Normal display status:
Solid Green: Controller ready to run
Solid Red: Controller in programming mode
Solid Yellow:Controller throttle is wide open,controller is supplying max output, and is not in current limit.

Error code display:
Number of RED blinks indicates any error conditions that might exist.

1 Red = Throttle Position Sensor Over Range. Check for open wires.
2 Red = Under Temperature. Controller below -25C.
3 Red = HPD. Throttle hasn’t gone to zero during this power on cycle.
4 Red = Over Temperature. Controller over 95C.
5 Red = unused for series controllers.
6 Red = Battery Under Voltage detected. Battery V < undervoltage slider. 7 Red = Battery Over Voltage detected. Battery V > overvoltage slider.
Errors are self clearing when the fault is corrected.

Sometimes your golf cart controller can give you enough information from the codes to help you sort out you issues. This can be a good place to start for trouble shooting cart problems. This just may help you from buying unnecessary parts and help get you back on the road.