Video Installing EZGO Golf Cart Speed Controller Alltrax DCX

Install EZGO Alltrax Controller
Fun look at someone learning to work on their new to them EZGO golf cart. The stock Curtis PDS controller burnt up and he will be replacing it with a new Alltrax Motor DCX controller.

He takes his stock Curtis PDS controller off the cart and takes it apart to look inside. Once opened up he discovers the a few of the Mosfets chips burned up and the EZGO controller is now toasted. Instead of replacing it with an identical cart controller he goes with a much better made Alltrax Motor DCX controller.

Then choosing to upgrade to a better controller make sure to order the correct model for your cart. You should match it to the year and make of your cart. The Alltrax Motor DCX controllers are a big upgrade. Some allow you to set up your cart for more torque and speed. So if you want a faster EZGO golf cart you should look at one of these.