Basic Gas Golf Cart Service Checklist For Regular Preventative Maintenance

Gas Golf Cart Service Check List
This basic gas golf cart checklist is to help people know what items should be gone over and checked for regular preventative maintenance to help keep your cart in good shape.

Look over engine for any signs of oil leaks. Fix as needed.

Change engine oil at proper intervals and regularly check oil levels.

Check and adjust valve clearance on motors that allow it.

Check for excessive belt wear. Look good at drive, starter and generator belts. Replace if bad.

Check on tension starter belt . Tighten if needed.

Look over linkages from accelerator pedal to carburetor.

Check engine compression.

Check spark plug for wear or replace.

golf cart spark plug

Replace air filter if dirty.

Replace oil filter or screen.

Check fuel filter for debris or replace.

Look for starter/generator brushes wear. Replace if needed.

Do a load test batteries.

Make sure battery connections are tight and remove any corrosion build up.

Apply battery terminal corrosion protection spray.

Look over direction selector cables for proper operation and adjustment.

Check the points and condenser on older models. Replace if needed.

Check and adjust timing as needed if running rough.

golf cart flat

These checks should be done on both gas and electric golf carts

Check tires for wear issues, dry rot, and cuts. Replace if needed.

Inflate tires as needed. Typically around 15-25 PSI. Check your sidewall for PSI.

Grease the front end pivots, steering and suspension at grease nipples.

Look for steering play and movement in front end.

Thoroughly evaluate brakes – cables, shoes, and drums. Adjust or replace.

Check level of differential gear oil. Fill or change as needed.

Make sure the reverse warning buzzer is properly operating. This could save your child!