How To Wire A Radio To EZGO Golf Cart


Simply hooking the radio power to two batteries on your EZGO Golf Cart is not the best way to go.

Your EZ-GO cart will need a converter from 48 or 36-volt to 12-volt for the radio. That way it draws power off of all the batteries equally or eventually your golf cart will not run correctly since one or two batteries will be dead. None of your golf carts batteries will charge properly until those batteries are individually charged to match the others.

Another way to go is to add an extra 12volt Deep-Cycle Marine Battery ( my personal favorite way.). Most carts have room to add one on the driver’s side and you can wire your radio and also lights to it and it will save your cart’s batteries. Just hook your extra battery up for charge when you plug in your cart overnight.

6 thoughts on “How To Wire A Radio To EZGO Golf Cart

  1. Bruno,
    I’m flattered that you’d use a picture of my cart in this article.Where did you get the picture?

    Bruno: I had someone e-mail it to me. Don’t know where they got it from. Hoping to help some people out with they carts.

  2. How long does the stereo run on a marine battery between charges?

    Bruno: I have run a cd player powering 2 6×9 speakers at a loud setting for 3 cart battery recharges before having to charge the marine battery.

  3. I have just finished rewiring my golfcar, I started having problems with burning cables off. I just dont remember how the batteries went, There is a wire hanging from behind the seat that looks like a ground but a friend said that negitive face the middle so i dont want to put on wrong. If i put negitive in middle, that wire will be on positive side.

  4. Hello,

    I have this set-up in my golf cart. For some reason it has quit working unless it has the extension cord / electricity plugged in. Does this mean that the marine battery is dead? Do I possibly have a short somewhere because all the indicator lights work (i.e. solid if charging or pulsing if charged)?

    Please help?

  5. I have an ez go cart and am trying to hook up a CD player. I have gotten a 36 converter but I’m not sure how to connect it to the batteries. Can I connect it to positive and negative poles of one battery or do i need to connect it to different batteries?

  6. I have an Ezgocart and have hooked up a car CD player. I used a converter and the PlayStation powers up and the cd deck runs but I get no sound. I have tried every conceivable wiring method and still nothing. Any thoughts?

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