Do I Have To Use Trojan Batteries In My EZGO Golf Cart – Yes Or No

golf cart battey fix

You do not have to replace your EZGO golf cart batteries with the standard Trojan T-105. There are many options available today in golf cart batteries with just as good and even much better run time. Other high quality golf cart battery brands include Crown, Deka, Interstate, US battery, Exide, SuperStart, NAPA and many more.

It is usually better to find the best bang for your buck by locally searching what is available. It is often so costly to have golf cart batteries shipped to your home that it offsets any online deal you will run across. Use the 6 volt battery chart below to find the highest AH battery you can afford at the lowest price you can find it for locally.

The higher performing batteries (higher AH) are listed at the top of the list. In the case of a tie, they are listed alphabetically by brand name.

6 Volt Golf Cart Battery AH comparisons