Free Golf Cart Speed Calculator – Will Determine You Top Speed By Gear Ratio And Tire Diameter

Ever wanted to know the speed improvement you will get by adding bigger tires to your golf cart? This Free Golf Cart Speed Calculator will give you a good estimate on the speed change you can expect to get.

When making custom changes to your golf cart like bigger tires or moving to a taller gear ratio you don’t always know what speed you will end up with. This speed calculator for you golf cart will help.

Just input the golf cart engine rpm, it’s final rear end gear ratio and the golf cart tire diameter and click submit. This will give you a close estimate.

What is the motor/engine rpm at full throttle?
What is your final gear ratio?
What is the tire diameter?
Your Speed is: Km per Hour
Which is: Miles per Hour

Use As An Example Of Gear Ratio.
Use 7 instead of 7:1 or 7.50 instead of 7.5:1