What To Look For When Buying Yamaha Gas Golf Cart

What To Look For When Buying Yamaha Gas Golf Cart

What To Look For When Buying Yamaha Gas Golf Cart –

When purchasing a used Yamaha gas golf cart you will need to check a few major parts to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Most used Yamaha golf carts people have for sale were once fleet carts. That means they spent their early days out on the golf course from sun up to sunset. And if you have every watched any golf cart crash videos you will have noticed just how well these carts get treated by golfers.

Before your purchase you should take a good look at the parts that will cost you the most is you have to replace or repair them.

First, find out how many years the cart spent on the golf course. On the course it was used all day. While at someone’s home it would have spent just a fraction of it’s time getting used. Not only will the motor get more worn, the parts like brakes, tires, belts, CVT, steering components, drive systems, and much more.

Early CVT clutch system on Yamaha carts from 2007-2012.5 were known to wear out early and need replacing. This could cost you as much as $900 to upgrade to the newer CVT that is more durable. Listen for rattles and knocking. Also check for a slow top speed.

Check the carts motor oil level and for dark oil. Low oil levels could mean poor maintenance routine. Not keeping the oil level up will cause motor wear and may have been cause by oil leaks. Dark oil will show they don’t care enough to change the oil like they should have and let the motor wear out faster than expected.

Thanks to Tuber ‘Power Equipment Man’ for the great Yamaha golf cart video. You can look here for more Yamaha Golf Cart Info.

Take the cart for a good, long test drive. Check for excessive smoke, brake problems, out of alignment tires, and other major tells of misuse.

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