Electric Golf Cart Buying Guide What To Look For

Electric Golf Cart Buying Guide
Electric Golf Cart Buying Guide. What you should look for first when buying an electric golf cart.

Check and test the batteries! They are by far the most expensive part to replace on an electric golf cart. Use a multimeter to test each individual battery before you buy. If you find any bad ones you can use this to negotiate a lower price.

Golf carts are just a very simple buggy for the most part. Most people with basic mechanical abilities can inspect the body of a golf cart and look for ware and damage. The electrical is the only complicated part of a golf cart.

So do a thorough test of the batteries, drive the cart in forward and reverse, and look for body damage. If it passes those tests then the cart is worth considering. If you can take it to a golf cart repair shop for a further look then all the better.

The video below buy Tuber ‘WJ Handy Dad’ will help you with the battery testing. More on golf cart battery testing can be found here.