South Carolina Golf Cart Laws Rules Regulations

South Carolina Golf Cart Laws
The South Carolina golf cart laws and rules explained and brought to you by the Sumter police department.

Some of the laws and restrictions for driving a golf cart on South Carolina roads and streets:

You must have a valid driver’s license.

Your golf cart must have permit decal. You need to be able to show a title, proof of liability insurance, and pay five dollars to SCDMV. Permits must be renewed every five years or if you move to a new location in South Carolina.

When you operate the golf cart, you need to carry your license, registration, and proof of liability insurance with you for verification.

You can operate golf carts only during daylight hours.

You can drive golf carts only on secondary streets and roads that have speed limits of 35 mph or less. Those streets and roads must be within four miles of the address listed on the cart’s registration. (Not four miles from where you are staying. So vacationers be aware.) You may also drive a golf cart within four miles of an entrance or exit to a gated community. Local ordinances, however, can further restrict distances, so check your locality to be sure. Cities can limit the distance to as little as two miles in some cases.

When on an island not accessible by a bridge designed to be used by cars, you can drive your permitted golf cart on any secondary highway and street with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less.

Do not drive a golf cart on a bike path.

Small children can NOT be passengers if they would need a car seat under current motor vehicle laws. That is unless your golf cart has seat belts and you equip it with a child safety seat.

It is illegal to drink alcoholic beverages and operate a golf cart. The DUI laws that apply to automobiles also apply to golf carts.

An unlicensed child is barred from operating any type of vehicle on a public road in SC, including a golf cart. Only drivers 16 years or older with a valid license may operate a golf cart in the state of South Carolina. Please keep in mind that parents will be held liable if their minor child causes damages or an accident or injuries while driving a golf cart illegally.

Other posted golf cart laws.

You should also check with the state of South Carolina for any updates to these laws after this published date before travel.

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