Charge Golf Cart Batteries Manually If Your Charger Will Not Work

Charge Golf Cart Batteries Manually
How to charge Golf Cart batteries manually if cart charger won’t come on. This will work with 48 volt or 36 volt golf carts by E-Z-Go, Club Car, Yamaha or many other brands.

Ever go to plug in your golf cart and the charger will not come on. The most common issue is that one or more of your batteries has discharged so low the charger won’t kick on. Most cart chargers have a low voltage protection built in to prevent battery damage and possible fires or explosions.

You can use a voltmeter to check which batteries are very low and manually charge them first. As little as a half an hour will do. Most 12 volt automotive car chargers will charge (2) 6 volts, (1) 12 volt, or (2) 8 volt batteries together at a time. That should allow your golf cart charger to now kick on and finish the job.

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