Make Club Car Gas Golf Cart Faster Top Speed How To Video

Make Club Car Gas Golf Cart Faster Top Speed
Quick and simple way to make your Club Car gas golf car go faster for free. This trick removes the top speed limit of the governor on most 2000-2010 models.

Any Club Car golf cart modifications should be done at your own risk. So, use your common sense and protect yourself from injuries when working on your golf cart.

All the tools needed for this modification is an 11mm open ended wrench, 11mm socket, and a small Allen key. The governor can be accessed from under the rear of the cart. The two nuts you loosen are just above the rear differential.

Club Car Increase Speed Faster

Taking the top speed limit off of your golf cart does have some risks. Over revving an engine can cause damage. Also stock brakes on carts are built to only handle lower top speeds. Take extra care when driving your slightly faster Club Car.

Thanks to the young mechanics from Tube channel ‘Nine-Five-Foe-MX” for the video upgrade.

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