EZGO RXV 48 Volt Electric Brake Problems And How To Fix

Fix and replace EZGO RXV 48 Volt Electric brake
How to fix and repair your electric brake on EZGO RXV 48 Volt Electric golf carts. There have been many complaints and issues with the newer electric brake system on EZ-Go RXV golf carts. This video will show you how to replace your defective golf cart brake.

The new EZGO RXV brake system does not seen to last as long, or hold up as well and the older mechanical brake did. Kevin’s Golf Carts shows us how to replace a broken EZGO electric brake. But first he lets us know just how much he hates the current brake design.

This type of brake is labled as 610065, 605867 and come on EZGO RXV Series Carts 2008 & UP – RXV, Freedom, Golf Car, Shuttle 2+2. The installation is no different than the OEM Brake. Just a few basic tools and this is a Plug and Play install for new brake.

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You can find the replacement brake for your EZGO RXV 48 Volt here on the cheap.