Air Conditioned Golf Carts Hit The Course In South Carolina


Palmetto Dunes Resort in Hilton Head Island tries to stifle South Carolina’s blistering heat with air conditioned Golf Carts.

Palmetto Dunes has added the Coolwell G2 equipped golf carts and the Segway Golf Transporter to its three famed golf courses – Arthur Hills, George Fazio and Robert Trent Jones . Golfers now can pick between air-conditioned comfort on every hole and a truly unique transport vehicle that greatly enhances the golf experience.

The Coolwell G2 Climate Control System is a compact air cooler that mounts onto the back of the golf cart. With the click of a switch, it becomes a heater – making it ideal for quickly changing weather.

The Coolwell G2 is a fully functioning air conditioner, removing heat and moisture from the air and directing cool, dry air from a block of ice and placing it onto the back of the golfer’s neck. It even turns itself off when the golfer exits the cart.

The Segway Golf Transporter is a single rider, two-wheeled, battery-powered club mover. The Segway is very easy to control, and almost anyone can operate it. It is kept upright by a computer with the ad of a gyroscope for balance. This enables the rider / golfer to move forward or backward simply by leaning. And because players can ride directly to their tee shots at speeds up to 12 mph, the Segway can improve the pace of play.