How To Maintain And Take Care Of Golf Cart Batteries – EZGO – Club Car – Yamaha


If you do a little maintenance your Golf Cart batteries will last for many years. Just follow these simple steps.

Gently rinse your golf cart batteries off with a garden hose to remove built up dirt, sand and acid. Try to be as careful as possible not to spray into electronic control parts and don’t be so vigorous as to short out batteries. Fully charge the cart batteries and then leave them to cold down completely . While on level ground, fill to about 1/2 inch above the battery plates with distilled water. Always be sure the distilled water has no minerals added. The added minerals can destroy batteries.

Never add acid to the water. Aside from being very dangerous you can destroy the battery if it has too much acid in it. Make sure not overfill a battery with distilled water. While charging battery temperatures rise and the water level approaches the top of the cell. An over filled battery will allow the water and acid will run out.

Important: You should never charge batteries that do not have water above the plates.