How to Bypass OBC On Board Computer Club Car Precedent Golf Cart

Bypass On Board Computer OBC Club Car
Under certain conditions you may need to bypass your golf cart’s (OBC) On Board Computer. This is the case with many aftermarket battery chargers.

In this video he will show you how to safely bypass an on board computer or OBC on your Club Car Precedent golf cart. Many aftermarket battery chargers do not need the use of the On Board Computer so this video should make this work well for you.

The OBC is a controller box that Club Car put on the vehicle instead of the charger like other cart brands do. Club Car has a charger that is made up of a mini-transformer and rectifier assembly with no controls for charging inside the external charger.

Many of the DPI aftermarket chargers do require an OBC and others do not. 15amp charger will use on board charging while the 17 amp models do not require it. When you are looking to buy a battery charger and don’t want to worry about replacing your OBC down the road you might benefit from bypassing it and purchasing the 17 amp model charger.