1960s Three Wheeled Marketeer Golf Cart Restoration Video

1960s Three Wheeled Marketeer Golf Cart Restoration
1960’s Three Wheeled Marketeer Golf Cart Restoration Video. This was done on the American Restoration TV show with Rick.

The company most responsible for the golf cart as it looks today is Marketeer, which was founded by Merle Williams in Redlands, California. In 1951, Marketeer began manufacturing what is considered to be the first electric cart designed specifically for golf. By the end of the decade, several other companies emerged to compete in this new industry, but these early carts were expensive, and few people could afford them. Many courses still did not allow the electric carts, and some required players to provide a note from a doctor.

Rick makes a good attempt at restoring a 1960’s three-wheeled Marketeer Golf Cart for the Pawn Stars. Can his team drive this double bogey into a hole-in-one, or will this project end up in the rough? And later, a customer drops off an extremely rare Hopalong Cassidy bicycle from the 1950’s, can Rick and Tyler find the missing parts, or is this bike too rutty to ride or not?