Who To Tell What Speed Code My Club Car Precedent Has Programed

Club Car Precedent To Speed Code 5
Do you want to know what speed code your Club Car Precedent is currently programed to. It can be easily tested by your carts current top speed.

Before testing your top speed you need to check a few things on your golf cart. Make sure your tires are all aired up to their proper pressure. The recommended tire air pressure is 18 psi for stock Club Car Precedent. You cart will also need to be aligned properly. If you have crashed your cart or bumped a tire on a tree the cart may be going slower due to the added tire drag.

These speeds listed below only apply to a stock Club Car Precedent. If you have aftermarket tires the size may very and cause these listed speeds to be inaccurate.

Mode 1 – 8.0 mph
Mode 2 – 13.2 mph
Mode 3 – 14.6 mph
Mode 4 -19.2 mph

It is best to test your cart’s top speed with a GPS device or a GPS app on a compatible phone. Compare the top speed you get with the chart above and that should be give your the speed code your cart is currently set at.