How To Install Speed Chip In EZGO Golf Cart PDS – Freedom Chip

speed-chip-ezgo If you have later model EZGO PDS Golf Cart it is very simple to add a speed chip (EZGO PDS Electric Freedom Chip) to you cart by just plugging it in. Well sort of.

Most PDS carts are usually year model 2000 and newer. A PDS (Power Drive System) cart can be determined by the type of Forward/Reverse switch and controller you have.

pds-forward-reverse-switch pds-controller-ezgo

Your EZGO cart must have these parts or you don’t have a PDS cart and can not use a speed chip. The Forward / Reverses switch is on your dash and the controller is inside the small box with a run -tow switch on top (beside the battery pack under passenger seat).

Here Is How To Install Speed Chip In EZGO Golf Cart PDS
1 Flip the “run – tow” switch to tow.
2 Remove the cover (controller environmental cover).
3 Plug the Speed Chip into the controller(see photo for location).
4 Reinstall the cover.
5 Flip the “run – tow” switch back to run.

To make sure what mode you have now achieved.
Toggle the forward/reverse switch from NEUTRAL TO REVERSE 5 times
In a few seconds after the 5th toggle (beep) you will hear one of the following.

1 beep = all-terrain 13.5 mph
2 beeps = steep hill 13.5 mph
3 beeps = mild hill 14.5 mph
4 beeps = freedom (Speed) 19 mph

When that sequence of beep are done flip the “run – tow” switch back to tow then to run to escape the diagnostic mode. You are now in the Freedom mode if you were given the proper EZGO cart chip. If you hear one of the other amounts of beeps you were sent the wrong chip.

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