Military Robot Golf Cart – Remote Controlled With Infrared Vision

Military Robot Golf Cart
Well, this is more of a Military Side by Side ATV but, close enough to talk about today. This might make a great dear hunting vehicle with the infrared night vision and remote control. You could sit in the house and send it out on the trail to find where the dear are hiding out.

This is a driverless golf cart that is now doing patrol duty in the Horn of Africa. The MDARS (Mobile Detection Assessment and Response System vehicle navigates autonomously, using lasers to scan the area for intruders, explosives, and obstacles, just like on a real golf course. Infrared vision allows the vehicle to patrol in pitch dark. Sweet!

Military nerds can take control of the vehicle remotely, operating it with an Xbox controller, which seems strangely fun for something so military. If an intruder is spotted, operators can shine a spotlight and communicate through a two-way speaker system.

Dress up your golf cart with some high powered lights so you can blast your way through your neighborhood at night.