How To Replace Controller Board DPI Battery Charger 36 and 48 Volt

Replace Controller Board DPI Battery Charger Golf Cart
If you think your controller board has gone bad on your golf cart’s DPI Battery Charger 36 or 48 Volt this quick video will help.

Follow his instructions in this video on how to install a replacement control board for your golf cart’s DPI charger.

Before you start please make sure your unplug your charger from the power outlet.

Remove all the necessary outside screws to open up and remove the top off your DPI charger. Take the nut off the top of the controller board to pull up and loosen the board form the case. Pull off the power wires connected to the board.
To install new board just reverse the steps used to take board out. Put top back on case and your good to go.

You can find new complete replacement DPI chargers here for just a little more that the cost with shipping of a new board.