Yamaha G9 Golf Cart Electrical Wiring Diagram – Resistor Coil

g9-yamaha If you have a Yamaha G9 electric golf cart here is the electrical wiring diagram for a Resistor Coil model.

Adding a Yamaha Drive 48V 4 Gauge Golf Cart Power Cable Set Will Improve Your Torque.

When you are installing high performance upgrades such as High Speed Gears, High Speed or High Torque Motors, Heavy Duty Forward and Reverse Kit, or Higher Amperage Controllers to your electric golf cart , you may often need to upgrade you power cables as well. Yamaha’s 6 gauge cables may have been sufficient to carry the 225-300 amps of the stock set-up, but when you try to run more amps through the same gauge cable, this creates resistance. Resistance causes heat and heat leads to melting. When any wire feels overly hot (warm is ok), you might want to consider a 4 gauge power cable kit to correct this problem.

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  1. Could any one please tell me what year Yamaha golf cart I have JG5-203969 thank you

    Bruno: Should be a 1993 G9AJ cart

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