What Do The Letters Mean On My Club Car Serial Number – Model , Year Production Date

Gas Club Car Golf Cart serial number location
Ever wonder what all those letters mean on your Club Car golf cart serial number plate. This chart will decipher the details for you.

This is a serial number alphabet of letters guide for 1980 year and up electric club cars golf cart.

1st letter give you the model, 2nd set of digits gives you the year and the group is the week of production for your Club Car. The numbers listed are sequence of build date.

As a reference to get a feel for how this is used: AQ9313 would give you:

AQ = “Electric I.Q. Golf Car, 48 Volt Regen”
93 would be 1993
13 would be the 13th week in a production run.
That gives you a ‘1993 48 Volt Electric I.Q. Golf Car With Regen Braking’

A= DS Electric Golf Car
AA= DS Electric Golf Car, 48 Volt System
AB= DS Electric Golf Car, 36 Volt System
AC= DS Electric Golf Car, 48 Volt Regen
AQ= Electric I.Q. Golf Car, 48 Volt Regen
B= Chassis Only, Electric Golf Car, 48 Volt
C= Electric Industrial Vehicle
D= Fairway Villager, 4-Passenger Utility Vehicle
CQ= Chassis, Indio 48 Volt I.Q. Utility Vehicle
E= Carryall II Electric Utility Vehicle
EA= Carryall II Electric Pickup Utility Vehicle
F= Carryall I Electric Utility Vehicle
FA= Carryall I Electric Pickup Utility Vehicle
FQ= Villager 4 I.Q. Utility Vehicle
H= Turf 1 Electric Utility Vehicle
HA= DS Electric 36 Volt Solid State Utility Vehicle
JA= Carryall VI Electric Utility Vehicle
K= Resort Villager Electric Utility Vehicle
L= Limo (8 Passenger) Electric Vehicle
LA= Limo Electric, 48 Volt Vehicle
LB= Limo Electric, 48 Volt Regen
LX = Lynx Hunting Vehicle (Gas & Electric)
M= Resort Villager XL Electric Vehicle
PQ= Precedent IQ
S= Turf 2 Electric Utility Vehicle
T= Tourall / Villager 4 Electric Utility Vehicle

Hope this will help you when you go to look for replacement parts of golf cart accessories and need to know your exact year and model.