EzGo RXV makes clunking or knocking noise under front end over bumps

Replace E-Z-GO RXV a-arm bushings
Does your EzGo RXV make a clunking noise anytime you go over a bump in the road? It is very common for RXV model EZGo golf cart’s front bushings to go bad.

The factory cart bushing are a bit soft and tend to harden with time. It causes the bushings to shrink and cause a lot of play. Over time they will bust apart and parts will fall out letting metal joints contact each other causing the hard clunking sounds you hear.

If you raise the cart by placing jack under center of front you can see the issue better. Hold the wheel at top and bottom and apply twisting force to top and bottom of wheel. Doing so you will probably see movement at the lower a arm bushings.

There are 2 sets on the inner a arm near middle of the cart one at outer a arm close to wheel.

You can get full replacement sets here cheaper than the dealer and it is easy to replace then yourself. Just take go photos before you start of the EzGo RXV a-arm assemblies.

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